Valentine’s Day- Death & Birth of Love

Valentine’s Day- Death & Birth of Love


In the 3rd Century, there lived a Catholic priest in Rome. Many stories have been told over the years and have become a legend that we know today. The priest’s name was Saint Valentine, hence got the name Valentine’s Day or Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine,


Under the rule of Emperor Claudius II, who was a Roman Pagan, there were very harsh laws about the permissions granted to Christians. Yet many Romans converted to Christianity in spite of those jarring laws. Claudius II was of the belief that devotion to Rome is only possible when the Roman soldiers don’t get married, that is why he made laws which prevented soldiers from getting married.


In those days of cruelty, St. Valentine was a rebellion, he believed that love is the utmost important thing one should fight for. He started Secret Christian Ceremonies in which these soldiers were married. This was the time when St. Valentine’s reputation for believing in the importance of love started building. 


When this came to the knowledge of Emperor Claudius, St. Valentine was captured and jailed for his treason against the Emperor. Claudius tried to convert the St. to Roman Paganism, but he refused and tried to convert the Emperor to Christianity instead. Filled with rage the Emperor ordered the execution of the St. There was only one thing that got place in St. Valentine’s heart and that was LOVE. He held affection for other prisoners and especially for the Jailer’s Daughter Julia who was blind. 

History tells us that right before the St. got executed on 14th of February 270, he cured Julia’s blindness and wrote a love message saying ‘From your Valentine’ for her.  

After almost 200 years on 14th February, St. Valentine was proclaimed as Valentine’s Day.


In consideration of that event, every year on 14th February we celebrate the day as Valentines Day. The day epitomizes love and admiration not only among lovers but also between family members. People celebrate it by giving flowers, cards and heart shaped gifts to mark this day of love and affection.


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