Eco-friendly Eating

Eco-friendly Eating

Mother Earth has everything to satiate every man’s need but is tortured to fulfill their greed.

Consumption of the living beings on earth is inevitable. But how much consumption is ec0-friendly is a huge and relevant question. Enough is done by the mother earth for its beings, but nothing equal is reciprocated by us today.

Our consumption has brought several pains, calamities to the environment. Easy and quick solution to eating has brought several havocs. Sustainable and eco-friendly eating is today’s call. Our eating habits should be such that not only fetch us good health but are equally safe for the environment.

Earth Day is just around the corner. We have been celebrating Earth Day on April 22 every year since 1970. Several steps have been taken to restore the earth, but yet not enough.

Therefore, in relation to Earth Day on April 22, some measures are put forward to make our eating habits friendlier for Mother Earth. Some eco-friendly eating methods are:


1. Say Yes to Reusable Bags

Next time you go for grocery purchasing, carry your own bag and avoid collecting new every time with a new purchase.

2. Avoid purchasing Plastic Bottles

Plastic Bottles are equally harmful to the earth as to our health. Landfills are overflowing with plastic bottles. A good step towards the environment is to completely debar yourself from buying plastic bottles.#endplasticpollution

3. Buy food products with eco-friendly packaging

An exquisite step towards eco-friendly eating is to buy food products that do not require a lot of plastic packaging and alike. Those products that involve paper and cardboard packaging which are easily degradable should be opted. Therefore contribute to #endplasticpollution.

4. Sustainable eating at home

When at home, use regular plates than paper ones, cloth napkins over paper ones. Soon enough you would realize a lot of waste is avoided and voila you are saving your mother earth.

5. Recycle Food

Do not throw away your extra food, meals, peels of veggies, and fruits. Use food scraps into composts for your garden.

6. Try to fetch another meal out of leftovers

If you can make another meal out of leftovers a lot of energy would be saved. Moreover, it will save you costs and would do a lot for the environment. This will contribute to eco-friendly eating.

7. Purchase food in bulk

If possible, try to purchase food products and groceries in bulk. This can save a lot of energy and transportation. Also, with every purchase, a lot of carrying bags that might not be eco-friendly would also be avoided.

8. Carry your own cup to the coffee shop

Yes, if you visit your favorite coffee/tea or any other beverage shop, try to carry your own mug. This will cut down a lot of trash and hence you are contributing to saving the environment. Hence #endplasticpollution and adoption of eco-friendly eating.

9. Cut down on Meat

The production of animal products takes a toll on the environment, but the production of costly meat is the most harmful. Therefore, it is a good option to shift your diet to plant-based products from animal ones.

Hence, take a pledge today, opt for eco-friendly eating for the environment. If you will feed the Earth well, the earth would feed you better. Follow the ‘restore the earth’ movement by heart and make this planet a better place to live in.


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