Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh is the most populous state of India. It is the 4th largest state of India in terms of area. It has beautiful places to see, vacay and has a good forest cover. It was named UP or Uttar Pradesh in the year 1950 and since then 25th of January is referred to as Uttar Pradesh Day.

We usually think of tourist places like Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Fatehpur Sikri, Varanasi Ghats, and a lot more alike when we think of UP.
But, to call your attention towards what else Uttar Pradesh has got to offer the entire nation and is popular for, we have curated a list of must-have delicacies of Uttar Pradesh.

Just like its varied population, it has numerous worth every bite savories that are mind-boggling. Therefore, dive into the list of mesmerizing foods of the beautiful state- Uttar Pradesh.


1. Dalmoth, Panchhi Petha ( Agra )


Dalmoth is a delectable namkeen made from moth beans and chana. It is fried and hence very crispy. It is perfectly spiced and worth relishing.
Dalmoth of Panchhi Petha is the most popular of the state.


2. Paneer Mathri, Avon Namkeen ( Aligarh )

Mathris are usually famous for their spice and crispiness. But, Paneer Mathri of Avon Namkeen is amazingly luscious. This is because it is crispier, healthier and flavorsome.
Do taste the Paneer Mathri of Avon Namkeen, Aligarh.


3. Kesar Angoori Petha, Panchhi Petha ( Agra )

Who else craves sweet post meals? To make your meal flavorsome Kesar Angoori Petha is undefeatable. It is a must-try because it is the perfect sweet for sweet-toothed.
Also, to a delight, Panchhi Petha also serves sugar-free Pethas so that no one is deprived of the best tastes.


4. Sem Ka Beej Namkeen, Kunjilal Dalsevwala ( Aligarh)

If you are a Namkeen lover, you should never miss out on Sem Ka Beej Namkeen of Panchhi Petha. It is flavorsome, healthy and a worth relishing snack.


5. Til Mewa Samosa, Kipps ( Bareilly )

A very healthy and nutritious sweet to delight your meals and taste buds is none other than Til Mewa Samosa.
It is an attractive sweet shaped like a samosa and is made from Til ( Sesame Seeds) and Mewa (Dry Fruits). A must relish if you want to explore Uttar Pradesh.


6. Instant Jain Shikanji, Jain Shikanji ( Modinagar )

Instant Jain Shikanji is worth every sip Lemonade that has amazing flavors. It is sweet, salty, and tastes amazing. It is an exquisite drink to savor in summers.
It is one of the specialties of Modinagar, Uttar Pradesh.


7. Navratan Chutney, Arora Achar ( Lucknow

Navratan Chutney is made from raw mangoes, a variety of dry fruits like almonds, pistachios, Melon Seeds, etc. and authentic spices that hold the flavor of the Chutney. It is good for health and extremely yummy.
Therefore, savor it to make your meals even more flavorsome.


8. Brijwasi Peda, Brijwasi (Mathura)

Brijwasi Peda is a delectable laddu made from Khoya, Cardamoms, and Nuts. It is a sweet delicacy and is very popular in Mathura and all over India.
If you love sweets, Brijwasi Peda shouldn’t miss out on your list.


9. Tota Gold Hing Granules, Tota Hing ( Hathras)

Tota Gold Hing Granules are authentic Hing ( Asafoetida ) granules that are extremely good for digestion and possess other health benefits.
Tota Gold Hing Granules of Tota Hing ( Hathras ) is a specialty of Uttar Pradesh.


10. Bareilly ki Barfi, Kipps ( Bareilly )

Bareilly is usually known for its Barfi. It is because it holds an out of the box recipe. Though it might be a simple-looking barfi, once its box is opened, you wouldn’t stop gulping it all at once.
Therefore, while exploring Uttar Pradesh do not miss out on Bareilly ki Barfi.


11. Dalsev, Dabboo Dalsev (Aligarh)

Dalsev is a luscious Namkeen or Snack that is made from Split Black Gram, Sesame Seeds, Rice Flour, and many nutritious ingredients alike. It is a cultural Namkeen of Uttar Pradesh that one must relish.
Dabboo Dalsev of Aligarh is the best seller of Dalsev in Uttar Pradesh.


12. Bedariya Gud Special Shalimaar, Bedariya Ram Gajak Wale ( Agra)

Bedariya Ram Gajak Wale is a renowned Gajak seller in India. Its Gajaks are in great demand during winters.
The best Gajak to savor of Bedariya Ram Gajak Wale is Bedariya Gud Special Shalimaar. Therefore, do not deprive yourself from this amazing Gajak and savor it today.


13. Soan Papdi, Kunjilal Dalsevwale (Aligarh)

What makes Soan Papdi the most different cultural sweet is that besides being flavorsome, it is flaky and dissolves in your mouth.
It leaves an amazing taste in your mouth for post eating it. So, if you love Soan Papdi, do not miss out on the Soan Papdi of Kunjilal Dalsevwale ( Aligarh ).


14. Til Khoya Laddu, Manohar Lal Daulat Ram Garg ( Agra )

Til Khoya Laddu is an exquisite Laddu one should savor in winters. It tastes mind-boggling and gives warmth to the body. Sesame seeds make it crunchy and khoya gives it an amazing taste.
TIL Khoya Laddu of Manohar Lal Daulat Ram Garg is a specialty of Uttar Pradesh.

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