Unique Gifts with your Wedding Invitation Cards

Unique Gifts with your Wedding Invitation Cards

Occasions decide how much a day or an event should be grand. The days that mean so much to us need to be extra special to be memorable for a lifetime.

Weddings, once a lifetime event, call for extra excitement and preparations. Every ritual is performed with utmost celebration and joy.

From the day bride and the groom plan to get married to the day they are finally married, every moment is captured.

As there are so many things we look for perfection in a wedding, one such is deciding the wedding invitation card and the gift to accompany it.

Because weddings are so special, the invitations too should commensurate with that.

To make your invitations extraordinary, we fetch you the top 5 unique gifts with your wedding invitation cards.


1. Beautiful Plant Pots

Plants are the symbolism of positivity and growth.

Therefore, gifting a Plant or a Sapling along with your wedding invitation cards can be, undoubtedly, a mesmerizing idea to offer your wedding guests.

After all, along with you, your wedding can be memorable for your guests as well!


2. Organic Honey or Jam Jars

A natural sweetness with your wedding invitation cards will be a unique idea to offer something different as well as sweet too.

Pretty jars with organic honey or jam will be a useful as well as an elegant gift with your wedding invitation cards.


3. Aroma Gift Set

Would it not be a pleasant feeling of receiving a beautiful aroma as a gift?

Therefore, one amazing gifting idea for your wedding invitation card can be an Aroma Gift Set. It can include incense sticks, an aroma diffuser with a bottle of oil, or aroma candles.

Spread the fragrance of your wedding in your guests’ house!


4. Gourmet Foods


Gourmet foods can be an elite impression of your wedding and hence, your wedding invitation card.

You can add jars or boxes of Gourmet foods nicely packed with your wedding cards.

Explore the variety of Gourmet Foods on www.dilocious.com and make your invitation cards as extra-ordinary as your wedding!


5. Special Delicacies of India

India is undeniably known for its delicacies. To make your wedding invitation card special, offer the specialties of India to your guests.

Offer Kottayam’s Rich Plum Cake or India’s best Fruit Sweets. Make your guests relish Jammu’s famous Sund Panjiri or popular Misht’s Cookies Delight.

Call the name of the region, or the best delicacy that you have tasted or would like to taste, Dilocious will bring it to your doorstep.

We want to make your wedding exceptional. Therefore, gift your guests the specialties of India with your wedding invitation cards.

Dilocious is a global food platform, that has every delicacy of India to deliver you. Be it assorted foods, traditional savories, sweets, snacks, chocolates, and a lot more, we want you to relish your India.


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