Top 8 After Meals You Should Not Miss Out On!

Top 8 After Meals You Should Not Miss Out On!

Meals just don’t end with bread and butter, they are complete with an after-meal.

After meals are the taste boosters. They are the icing on the cake after a stomach full main course. They could be a sweet delicacy or a tangy snack.

After meals come in different varieties, tastes, and appearances to satiate every taste bud. Moreover, some after-meals help in digestion after a heavy meal.

For those who look forward to an after-meal, every time they have a meal, we have curated a list of the best after meals of India. They are amazingly succulent and belong to different sellers of India.

1. Jet Imli, Surbhi ( Jaipur )

Jet Imli are candies made of Imli or Tamarind. They are tangy and addictive once chewed. These candies can make you drool over.

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2. Sweet Amla Candy, Mr.Merchant (Udaipur)

Amla is usually not favorably savored because of its extremely tangy taste. But, Sweet Amla Candy of Mr. Merchant is an extremely delectable candy. It has the nutritive value of Amla and can be savored as a taste booster after a meal.

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3. Kachha Lichee ( Tomato Red ), Surbhi ( Jaipur )

Kachha Lichee of Surbhi is an unripe form of lichees that are very succulent to taste. They are just like candies and round in shape. It is a very popular after-meal in India.

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4. Chatpata Amla, Surbhi ( Jaipur )

Chatpata Amla is a candy made from amla that has its tangy essence yet flavorsome. They are a very good after-meal that you would love to relish.

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5. Kachha Nimbu, Surbhi ( Jaipur )


Lemon has very good digestive properties. They are acidic in nature and help cut fats in our meals.
Kachha Nimbu of Surbhi is one such candy that is luscious and serve as an excellent after a meal.

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6. Pan Candy (Red), Surbhi (Jaipur)


How many of you love to eat Pan after every main-course? If you do so, Pan Candy is a perfect after meal for you. They have an alluring aroma and taste of Pan.

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7. Coconut Candy (White), Surbhi (Jaipur)

Coconut Candy is a mouth-dissolving after meal. They are neutrally sweet yet mouth-watering.
Surbhi of Jaipur is the best seller of Coconut Candy in India.

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8. Ilaichi Candy (Green+White), Surbhi (Jaipur)


Ilaichi feels sour yet sweet to chew. They are good to be consumed after meals as they prevent acidity or indigestion.
Ilaichi Candy of Surbhi Jaipur is one such amazing after meal that one must relish.

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So, already craving for these luscious after meals? Well, worry not. This list isn’t just to acquaint you about them, but also to deliver them to you.

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