Sugar-Free Specialties of India

Sugar-Free Specialties of India


If you are getting to relish the best of delicacies and sweets, you are one of those lucky lads savoring life on earth!

India is known for its vast culture and delicacies. Every corner of India has something special to offer. From general snacks to the main course and, to the most loved sweets, everything has its own charm, taste, and lure.

But, it is sad for those who can’t fully cherish these delicacies. And, one of them and very common people are- diabetics.

But, would it not be so delightful for them if they get to savor all the sweets they want to like everyone else?
Therefore, today we talk not just about the sugar-free delicacies but Sugar-Free Specialties of India that are luscious and famous all over India and abroad.

And the luscious list goes on –

1. Sugar-Free Petha – Panchhi Petha (Agra)

Panchhi Petha is one of the renowned Petha sellers of India. The mouth-watering Petha they offer has a pleasure of its own.

Therefore, not to keep the diabetic people craving, Panchhi Petha has the Sugar Free Petha for its people with the same taste and authenticity.

Dilocious will let you cherish this mouth-watering Sugar-Free Petha sitting at your cozy places.


2. LMB Sugar-Free Ghewar- Laxmi Misthan Bhandar ( Jaipur )

Whenever Teej or festivals alike approach, we are reminded of nothing except Ghewar. The crispy, sweet delicacy makes us drool over every time. It becomes irresistible to gulp the entire 1 kg box of Ghewar all at once.

And when it is about the Ghewar of Luxmi Mishthan Bhandar ( Jaipur ), it feels like you own the heaven in your mouth!
And therefore, for our diabetic and diet conscious people the LMB Sugar-Free Ghewar of Laxmi Mishthan Bhandar will let you relish this flavorsome heaven.

Order the LMB Sugar Free Ghewar of Laxmi Mishthan Bhandar from Dilocious residing anywhere in the country.


3. Sugar-Free Assorted Sweets and Sugar-Free Mysore Pak- Dezire LG ( Chennai )

The assorted sweets often lure us. They offer a combination of yummy delicacies that we would like to gulp every now and then.

And, talking about Mysore Pak of Dezire LG, what else do we need to soothe our taste buds?

As a result, to let everyone savor them the Dezire LG has in its store the Sugar-Free Assorted Sweets and Sugar-Free Mysore Pak.
Therefore, gift your diabetic parents or grandparents the mesmerizing Sugar-Free Assorted Sweets and Sugar-free Mysore Pak from Dilocious.

Make their diet and days delightful.

4. Sugar Free Anjeer Chikki- V-Venus Sweets and Bakers ( Satna )


Chikkis are usually a favorite, digestive, and healthy sweet in winters. Lucky are those who get to savor them.

To delight our Diabetics and health freaks V-Venus Sweets and Bakers has Sugar Free Anjeer Chikki in its store.
The Sugar-Free Anjeer Chikki is a delicious sweet that is crispy, nutritious, sweet, and delectable.

Order now the popular Sugar-Free Anjeer Chikki of V-Venus Sweets and Bakers from Dilocious.


5. Sugar-Free Moti Choor Laddu- Bombay Tiffany Annexe ( Mysore )

Moti Choor Laddu is a delectable round, yellow, and orange sweet. It is a mouth-watering delicacy. The famous Moti Choor Laddu of India belongs to Bombay Tiffany Anexxe ( Mysore ).

Bombay Tiffany Mysore offers Sugar-Free Moti Chhoor Laddu that is equally succulent and mind-boggling.

Gift yourself the amazing Sugar-Free Moti Chhoor Laddu of Bombay Tiffany Annexe and relish the best of delicacies of India.


6. Sugar-Free Mewa Laddu- Vikas Sweets ( Aligarh )

Mewa laddu is prepared with yellow dal and desi ghee. It is loaded with nuts to make it delectable, crunchy, and nutritious.

Vikas Sweets of Aligarh is the most popular confectioner of Mewa Laduu in India. They prepare succulent and healthy Mewa Laddus. They are good for pregnant women.

This sweet also comes sugar-free which is equally tasty and nutritious. The Sugar-Free Mewa Laddu of Vikas Sweets is one of the Sugar-Free Specialty of India.

Order Sugar-Free Mewa Laduu of Vikas Sweets from Dilocious.


7. Premium Sugar-Free Dry Fruit Laddu- Vaidehi Foods ( Thane )


Laddus are always ineluctable and when they are enriched with dry fruits they just mesmerize our taste buds.
The Premium Sugar-Free Dry Fruit Laduu of Vaidehi Sweets is not only enriched with nutrients but also digestive and healthy for diabetics and health-conscious people.

The Premium Sugar-Free Dry Fruit Laduu of Vaidehi Sweets is one of the Sugar-Free Specialties of India which shouldn’t be missed out on your favorite delicacies list.

The Premium Sugar-Free Dry Fruit Laddu is just a click away.


8. Sugar-Free Kaju Katli – Kesariya Sweets ( Hyderabad )


The Sugar-Free Kaju Katli of Kesariya Sweets is the most popular sweet in India. It is prepared from the chief ingredient Cashews or Kaju and the milk.

The Kesariya Sweets prepares authentic, tasty, and mouth-watering Sugar-Free Kaju Katlis which is famous all over India.

Relish the mesmerizing Kaju Katlis and order it from Dilocious.


9. Sugar-Free Soan Papdi – Shri Agarwaal Sweets ( Erode, Tamil Nadu )

Soan Papdis are flaky, yellow, and sweet delicacies that one can gulp uncontrollably.

The most popular Sugar-Free Soan Papdi of India is made by Shri Agarwaal Sweets of Erode. Their Sugar-Free Soan Papdi is worth relishing.

Order yourself the Sugar-Free Soan Papdi from Agarwaal Sweets from Dilocious.

We are sure once you will order, you will keep ordering more!


10. Dry Fruit Laddu Sugar-Free- Luxmi Sweet House ( Faizabad )

Dry Fruit Laddus, as already mentioned is an irreplaceable sweet. It is of its own kind.

Luxmi Sweet House of Faizabad is one of the most popular sellers of Sugar-Free Dry Fruit Laddu in India that is worth tasting. It is indeed, a sugar-free specialty of India.

So, without any more wait, savor these nutritious laddus and order from Dilocious reposing anywhere in the country.

Dilocious is a global food platform that delivers the specialties in the food of India to every nook and corner of the country and abroad.

We all know every state and every city of India has something special to offer in food. Hence, Dilocious aims to get you all that you are missing out on!

Visit and savor the best of delicacies of India that you have never before!


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