Special Gifting Ideas for Diwali

Special Gifting Ideas for Diwali

A gift is a thoughtful expression of love to our dear ones. Gifts convey our efforts and feelings, and the happiness we want to deliver. Therefore, when we plan to give something to someone we plan for what best we can do!

How Shivalika made the most of Diwali far from home?


So, getting to my experience, I am a food blogger who moved to Bengaluru two years ago for work. Since I am a foodie and love to explore, I began visiting and eating around the city. I ate at all the famous places from Baithak, The White Room-Coffee and Kitchen, The Only Place to Koshi’s Restaurant, Nagarjuna, and even more. But soon enough, even after tasting the luscious food around the city, I still missed my Agra and its delicacies.

But on an amazing note, I came across a website www.dilocious.com

I got to see all the specialties in the food of every nook and corner of India that can be delivered to me residing anywhere in the country and even abroad. Therefore, elated with the idea, I got myself my favorite Paan Petha from Panchhi Petha, my hometown Agra’s specialty.

Getting to eat Paan Petha even being miles away flashed before me all my childhood memories and moments of merry I had with my family in Agra.

After such a beautiful experience, the foodie inside me started its journey of relishing its taste buds with the succulent foods of India.
I ordered tempting Moddy’s Chocolates from Ooty. Dilocious delivered me Moddy’s Walnut Chocolate that tastes like heaven. The crunchy walnut and the chocolate melting in the mouth gave me none less of a foodgasm. Since then, even the thought of that chocolate makes me drool over.

Undoubtedly, I couldn’t stop there, I began savoring the specialties of different corners of India. Each of the food items I ordered for myself were luring and even more, delectable.

After a few months, Diwali was just around the corner. The home was undeniably a major missing. Like every year Mom and Dad and my friends had started sending me Diwali gifts. Where everyone, even being far away, was doing their best to send me beautiful gifts, I wanted to make their Diwali special too.

Therefore, I decided to send boxes of happiness and luscious delicacies to home and friends through Dilocious.

I sent Mom and Dad Kaju Katli from Evergreen Sweet House, Delhi.
I didn’t wish to compromise any sweetness for my grandparents either. I sent them Sugar-free Almond Barfi from Dzire LG, Chennai.

I wanted to send my childhood friend living in the US his favorite Special Malai Ghewar from Kunjilal Dalsevwala, Aligarh. The delivery was on time and the flavor and the taste was as exclusive as it has always been.

I planned to give some delight to an old couple just living in the next apartment in my new city. I celebrated my Diwali with them and gifted them Brijwasi Peda from Brijwasi Sweets, Mathura.


All my pals, that Diwali, were elated with joy and emotions. The delicacies they relished added colors to their festivity. My relations with all of them turned out to be stronger even being miles away. Consequently, that Diwali became special in its own unique way!

Mind-numbing and finger-licking food fetch us contentment even in the worst of our moods.

Dilocious is delivering not just food but happiness. To savor everything of India reposing in any corner is none less a luxury.
Hence, Dilocious is delivering flavors beyond boundaries!

Therefore, while staying in this year, make your dear ones’ Diwali as special as them!

So, which specialty of India are you planning to send to your relatives this Diwali?


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