Pickles- Companion to all Meals

Pickles- Companion to all Meals

If you are in a pickle while eating your food, pick a pickle!

Pickles are tasty, tangy, and sometimes sweet accompaniment of all your meals. To add a luscious taste to your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and sometimes snacks pickles are best to choose.

The pickle is not just about its succulent taste. Having pickles with your meals is far better for your health than eating food without pickles.

Want to know the benefits, here they are-

· They help in digestion.
· They possess Vitamin A.
· Ease muscle cramps.
· Reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.
· Reduce urinary tract infections.

And hence, the benefits are uncountable.

To acquaint you with the types of pickles and how they can complement your meals in the best way, the list of pickles goes as follows:


1. Lajavab Aam ka Achar ( Mango Pickle )

Do you know why we wrote lajavab before Aam ka Achar?

It is because it is luscious in a mind-boggling way.

Aam ka Achar ( Mango Pickle ) is made from unripe mangoes that are tangy in taste. When mixed with salts and other ingredients alike, it is dead sure that it will make your taste buds go on relishing it.
Aam ka achar is an excellent companion of your snack time Mathis and without a doubt, Aaloo ka Paratha.

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2. Lababdar Nimbu ka Achar ( Lemon Pickle )

Lemons when dried, brined with salt, lemon juice and turmeric and when at last tempered with mustard oil or seeds, undoubtedly it becomes a mouth-watering Nimbu ka Achar (Lemon Pickle).
Nimbu ka Achar is one such savory that suits best with your Stuffed Parantha.

Your stomach will itself make space at the sight of Stuffed Paratha and lababdar Nimbu ka Achar.

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3. Masaledar Garlic Pickle

Garlic though doesn’t taste good, but its pickle is mouth drooling.

With amazing health benefits, it is the best companion for your dinner. Hot served Dal ( Lentils ), Chappati and Garlic Pickle, it is the best combo for your coquette taste buds.

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4. Mazedar Chilli Pickle


Who else loves Chillies, spice and peppery taste?

If your main course lacks the spice you adore, add Chilly Pickle in your meal. It will make it even more luscious than your casual salts would ever make it!

It is low in calories, helps reduce weight, and the best part is that it can accompany every Indian meal.
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5. Chatpata Mixed Pickle

What if all the pickles- Aam ka Achar, Nimbu ka Achar, Gajar ka Achar, Garlic Pickle, Aamla ka Achar, etc. are served in an assortment?

Without a doubt, it will make your food flavorsome. When all the varieties of pickles are prepared and mashed together they give an excellent and tangy fragrance and taste.

Chatpata Mixed Pickle and Chhole Bhature are inseparable.

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6. Zayekedar Red Trip Bamboo Shoot King Chilli Pickle

Ever relished the hottest chilies of the world?

Well, King Chilly is the one. Red Trip Bamboo Shoot King Chilli Pickle will spice up your food with its delicious taste and aroma. It is the specialty of North Eastern States.

It is the spiciest and luscious pickle of its own kind.

Add in your meals Red Trip Bamboo Shoot King Chilli Pickle of Bazaari Funde Johrat, Assam and bring flavors to your regular meals.


7. Lazeez Non- Vegetarian Pickle

Non-Veg lovers, why not make your favorite non-vegetarian foods into pickles?

Prawn Pickle, Fish Pickle, Mutton Spicy Pickle, Mutton Andhra Pickle, Chicken Muglai Pickle, and much more alike would doubtlessly add flavor to your food.

The spice and crisp you adore in your non-vegetarian foods become many times tastier when made into pickles. You can add Non-Vegetarian Pickles to your breakfast to make it delectable and healthy.

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