New Year 2021 – Let’s talk about life | Dilocious Blog

New Year 2021 – Let’s talk about life | Dilocious Blog

New beginnings, fresh resolutions,
Welcoming changes, bringing revolutions.

New Year permeates in us a sense of newness. It consoles us for the past sufferings and motivates us that we can still do better.

New Year begins on the 1st of January every year. We celebrate it with a lot of pomp and show. Celebrations start right from New Year’s eve. We make resolutions, we party, savor delicacies, and anticipate a great year ahead.

Moreover, New Year 2021 holds even more importance in our lives due to the sufferings caused by the pandemic in 2020. Better health, economy, and finance are undoubtedly going to be everyone’s resolutions for the New Year 2021.

Why does New Year begin on 1st January?

Well, it wasn’t always that New Year was celebrated on 1st January every year. Earlier in some countries, it was either celebrated on 25th March or 25th December. Also, the New Year calendar is differently followed by different religions in India to date.

But, how New Year came to be dated commonly across nations on the 1st of January is a different story.
Dating back, there were several incidents that took place. Initially, New Year was celebrated in March. But, according to the Roman Republican Calendar January became the first month of the calendar. This is because January is named after God Janus- the Roman God of all beginnings. But still, January 1 wasn’t declared as the New Year.

In 46 BCE Julius Caesar implemented some changes in the then calendar and declared January 1 as the New Year. But, after the decline of the Roman Empire the New Year restored again to 25th December ( Christmas ) and 25th March ( Feast of Annunciation ) in different countries.

Soon enough the loopholes were identified in these calendars. Miscalculations due to leap years created confusion for important events and festivals like Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Thus, in the year 1582 Pope Gregory VIII introduced the calendar in the most correct way. He restored the New Year date to 1st January which marks the end of the Gregorian Calendar.

Over the years, the appropriateness of this calendar came to be recognized by countries all over the world. Hence, a common New Year date was established by all countries i.e. January 1.

The New Year 2021

New Year 2021 is the most awaited. We are wishing for the successful vaccine of corona and the entire world pandemic free.

And ultimately New Year 2021 will definitely bring us better opportunities for growth both personally and economically. Therefore, it has to begin with happiness and become memorable.

A happy start follows a happy future. And, to make you happy, Dilocious wants to make your New Year 2021 different for you.

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