Mukharochak, Kolkata

Mukharochak, Kolkata

 Mukharochak – the brand ruling the palates of snack lovers for almost more than 70 years hails from Kolkata.

Mukharochak was started by a Bengali Family, Chandras, to bring new flavors to the inevitable snacking culture. First started by Nirmalendu Chandra and then taken over by Pranab Chandra, significant changes unfolded except consistently winning people’s taste buds.

Mukharochak’s entire unit is spread across 6 acres, intensively taking care of hygiene and authenticity of products in production. Today, it is an undisputed leader and the most trusted snack brand in the market.

With the passing time, the products are getting customized and made to appeal to everyone. The categories of snacks multiplied providing to different choices of flavors. For example, Cocktail Snacks, Tiffin Snacks, Ethnic Snacks, Tea Snacks, etc.

The brand has progressed so much so that its products are not only savored in Kolkata but all over India. They are a must relish, because Mukharochak forms as the oldest, the most popular and a specialty food brand of India.

Therefore, listing below the best Mukharochak products that can make you drool over them.

1. Kabuli Chana

Kabuli Chana is a healthy legume that is garnished and packed as a snack by Mukharochak. The subtle and mouth-melting taste of Kabuli Chana and the spices make it a delectable snacking product.

2. Nimki/ Namakpara

Who else is unaware of Namakpara living in India? Namakparas are mathris that are made of either maida, sooji, or atta, fried, and just salted. They also have a very settling taste, simple and very pleasing to snack.

3. Chowkhas

Another healthy snack of Mukharochak is Chowkha. It is a perfect accompaniment to your tea. They are sweet, salty, and have a little dash of spice making them very flavorsome.

4. Chaal Bhaja

Chaal Bhaja is a Bengali snack made from rice, chana and peanuts. They are a bit high in salts and are spicy. Chaal Bhaja is a crispy delight and is also very healthy to eat.

5. Diet Chiwra

Diet Chiwra is also a healthy snack made from rice by adding some roasted nuts and cereals to it. It is very light to eat and delectable.

6. Masala Muri

A popular street snack of Kolkata is Masala Muri. Muri is made from puffed rice, have flavors of some veggies like tomato, onions, etc. and garnished with nuts. They are very spicy and yet mouth-watering.

7. Jeera Gathiya

Mukharochak’s other unique snack product is Jeera Gathiya. It is made from chickpea or gram flour and is crispy and soft simultaneously. The rejuvenating flavor of jeera adds color to this delightful snack.

8. Aaloo Bhujiya

Not a single soul is ignorant of this delectable Indian snack. Aaloo Bhujiya is such that once you start eating it, you won’t give away without gulping the whole packet. It is another very popular product of Mukharochak and very much recommended to savor.


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