Kumbakonam Murari Sweets

Kumbakonam Murari Sweets

Dry Jamuns, an exquisite variant of the popular Gulab Jamun, has its root from the temple city -Kumbakonam.

The credit for its creation lies with Kumbakonam Murari Sweets, a family-run business since 1914.
Well, dedicating this article to this renowned confectioner, the story is as intriguing as its lip-smacking delicacies. Its success story started a millennium ago when Murari Lal Sait traveled to Kumbakonam from Khurja, Uttar Pradesh in search of livelihood. In those days, the founder sold the sweets on the handcart pushing it all around the town selling its scrumptious arrays.

The founder, not having his own kids, adopted Mr. Devidas to ensure his culinary legacy for posterity. And, undoubtedly, he got dedicated to creating a mark of its sweet shop in the city.

While the founder sold in-house-made South Indian sweets like Mysore Pak, Badusha, Kaara Boondi and Pakora, his descendants decided to expand its product range to satiate North Indians and Bengalis as well with its savories.

Well, the story didn’t just simply turn into a success. There was much toiling behind. The family worked upon experimenting and creating new and customized delicacies. Like for inference working on creating Ajmeer Cake with date pulp, dry fruits, and milk solids, giving India a new taste of Gulab Jamuns, etc..

Stepping the ladder of winning people’s tastes, Kumbakonam Murari Sweets have now its branches in nearby towns of Kumbakonam and available on Online portals to deliver all over India.

Today, the brand is known for its numerable sweets and savories. Because this confectioner is one of the oldest of India and worth relishing, head on to the list of its stunning products:

1. Avul Mixture

Avul Mixture is a lip-smacking snack or namkeen. It is crispy, has salted peanuts, and looks a lot like Bhelpuri. But, to repeat, it is not so replaceable in terms of taste. Once you eat it, your stomach might feel full, but you won’t!


2. Sugarfree Dates Burfi

Dates Burfi, as evident from the name, made from Dates and milk. Also, it is infilled with dry fruits that give it a crunchy texture. Its appearance is so tempting, and the taste will fetch you a foodgasm. The best part about it is, it is all sugar-free.


3. Kaju Katli

Kaju Katli is an all-time love. But undeniably, all the love resides in the hands of its confectioner. Henceforth, Kumbakonam Murari Sweets serves delectable Kaju Katlis, authentic in taste and is aromatic.


4. Dry Jamun

Well, speaking about Dry Jamun, no other seller comes to mind as Kumbakonam Murari Sweets. It is the creativity of the seller that has fetched us a completely competitive delicacy of Gulab Jamun. Dry Jamun is a must-have for sweet-toothed.


5. Pepper Karasev

Pepper Karasev is another snack and savory of the seller. It has an amazing spice and flavor making it a perfect snack food product. It is crispy, stick-shaped and extremely mouth-drooling


6. Ajmer Cake

Another popular delicacy of Murari Sweets is Ajmer Cake. As mentioned, it is made with date pulp, milk and dry fruits. It looks pretty on the outside, and flavorsome to taste. Ajmer cake is a must-relish sweet of the seller.


7. Navadhaniya Mixture

Murari Sweets has made a beautiful mixture of healthy food products to give rise to Navadhaniya Mixture. Full of dry fruits, and cereals make this snack distinct from others.


8. Soan Papdi

Not to forget, Kumbakonam Murari Sweets is also ruling over sweet lovers through its Soan Papdi. The taste of its Soan Papdi can get you offended on all the Soan Papdi memes. It Is so delectable, that you would wish to gulp an entire kg of it in a go.

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