India’s Top 5 Mukhwas

India’s Top 5 Mukhwas

When meals leave a succulent taste on the buds, eating feels fulfilled.

Mukhwas is a popular Indian-Pakistani snack that is consumed as a mouth-freshener or a digestive aid post meals. It is colorful, delectable, highly aromatic, made into different flavors and in different ways.
Usually, the main components that constitute a Mukhwa are fennel, anise, coriander, sesame, etc. All of them make it a sweet and healthy snack.

Since Mukhwa is one such snack that can add flavor to your every time meal, here we present the Best Mukhwas and their Sellers in India.

The list goes on-

1. Calcutti Pan Mukhwas, Manpasand ( Jaipur )

Calcutti Pan Mukhwa is a flavorsome and a mixture of a lot of healthy ingredients that help in digestion. Being Pan its main component, it is extremely luscious and has a very alluring aroma.
Manpasand of Jaipur is the best seller in India to sell Calcutti Pan Mukhwa.

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2. Jasmine Supari, Manpasand ( Jaipur )

Jasmine Supari is a nutty mouth-freshener and hence a Mukhwa. It assimilates in the mouth with a jasmine fragrance. It is very succulent to eat.
Again, Manpasand of Jaipur is the best seller of Jasmine Supari.

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3. Gulab Mukhwas, Mr. Merchant ( Udaipur )


With a dominant ingredient Gulab or Rose, Gulab Mukhwas is mixed with crunchy and sweet edibles that make it extremely delectable. Once you begin to relish it, you can’t get enough of it.
The best Gulab Mukhwas in India is of Mr. Merchant from Udaipur.

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4. Desi Illaichi Chikni Supari, Surbhi ( Jaipur )

With a luring aroma of Illaichi or Cardamom, which is very good for digestive health is exquisitely made with a Supari. It is made with organic cardamoms and is extremely tasty.
Surbhi, Jaipur is the best seller of Desi Illaichi Chikni Supari in India.

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5. Dried Dates Mukhwas, Mr. Merchant ( Udaipur )


Dates possess nutrients essential for the body and also fetch us warmth in winters. It is good to eat dates as a sweet after the main course.

The Dried Dates Mukhwas is one such mouth fresheners that taste mind-boggling. Mr. Merchant of Udaipur is the most renowned seller of Dried Dates Mukhwas in India.

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