How to Celebrate Diwali 2020?

How to Celebrate Diwali 2020?

Diwali, the most reverberating Indian festival is almost here. Excitement, exuberating vibes, and the fragrance of celebration are on the head.
Diwali brings with it the beauty of lights, delicacies, and a lot of fun and frolic with our kith and kins.

But Diwali 2020 seems a little different. The pandemic has yet not
retrieved from our lives. It has, in fact, put new norms for us. But to
remind, Diwali is the festival that symbolizes the triumph of good over evil. Our collective efforts of staying home and following precautions can help us fight Covid and drive it away.
And, to help you with that, we have some interesting ideas for you on-
How to celebrate Diwali amid Covid?

1. Start with Decoration

Decorative lights in a temple during an Indian festival or celebration

We usually look for a day when we can decorate our houses and our rooms in a way we want. Because of hectic schedules and laziness, we keep postponing it.

But, Covid is a boon here. While staying in, it is a great chance for all of us to embellish our beautiful houses in a new way. Maybe changing the way how our furniture is arranged or adding some decorative pieces in places we usually sit. We can make some hand-made decorative items so that we can enjoy a new look at our house and hone our creative skills too.

This is a way we can chill differently on Diwali.

2. Make a beautiful Rangoli


Rangolis are pleasing to the eyes and embellish our houses.
Rangolis are a symbol of positivity and prosperity. And, another way to sharpen our creativity this Diwali is by making a beautiful Rangoli at home.
To avoid the use of plastic colors, we can bedeck our house entrances with Rangoli made of flowers or natural colors. We can create designs or footprints of Goddess Lakshmi. The Rangolis can be adorned by lighting Diyas around them. Therefore, making Rangolis become a pretty enjoyable task.

3. Light Diyas and Candles

Diwali is a festival of lights. So, how can we forget lighting Diyas and Candles at night in the house?
Buy Diyas and paint them. Post evening light them all over your house. It will add beauty to the houses and everywhere around. Like every Diwali, it will give us a message of positivity and delight.

4. Don yourself Traditionally


The best way to celebrate Diwali is to don yourself in traditional clothes. It fosters Indian essence in us. Women wearing Suits or Lehangas and men wearing Kurta Pajamas completely transform the regular vibe of the house.
Putting on traditional clothes will make us feel afresh and energized even while staying in.

5. Savouries


Festivals are undoubtedly known for the delicious food they accompany. And well, talking about Diwali, every sweet is luring. Filling the trays with delectable sweets, namkeens, and alike make us gulp them uncontrollably. This reflects how relevant food and their tastes are for enjoyment, happiness, and celebration.

Thinking over as to how you can celebrate this Diwali differently, we have an amazing idea.

· What if the delicious sweets and namkeens that your aunts or grannies brought with them on Diwali reach you?

· What about reliving the time you went to your favorite place by savoring the same food you had there, right in your pretty houses?

· Or what if, you get to fill your mouths with the specialty of a place you always dream of going to?

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Dilocious will let you enjoy the entire five-day festivity with lots of savories and flavor-some food items. Drop the ordinary gifting this time, and gift yourself relishing foods and send the same to your friends and relatives.

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Food that tingles our taste buds,
Food that pacifies our soul,
Food which infills us with high energies,
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Are incompatible with the various pleasures that reside in the world!


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