Best Gajak of India
Gajak or til papdi or patti is a dry sweet cake - made of sesame seeds, ground nuts and jaggery, consumed in indian winter especially during Makar Sankranti festival on 14th january

Best Gajak of India

Gur (Jaggery) and Til (Sesame Seeds) – what a nostalgic combination!

Gajak: The perfect winter companion for every hunger-o-clock time. The comfortable-warming muncher against the cold wintery days. Dadi’s most favourite winter hobby after knitting and preparing achaars.

The flavours and aroma of childhood delicacies are irreplaceable. The connection with that fragrance and with that taste is directly from the heart. To be able to connect you again with your memories is what we thrive for.

We have achieved Gajak online for you because we deeply care for you and your relationship with memories. The memories that are the reflection of who you are today. We have made available the best Gajak sellers online for you to buy from all over India and have enabled the fastest delivery of gajak, sweets and all delicacies.

There are many towns and cities in our country that make the best Gajak and you can order and buy online on our curated platform. We have curated them all for you to satisfy your cravings when you’re away. Gajak making, in itself, is an art. First, the sesame is broken with hammers and then the jaggery or sugar is set and the layers are created. Gajak is brittle and sweet and the thought of consuming it only is so mouth-watering.

Benefits of Gajak:

Yes, you read it right. Not only a Gajak is tasty, but it also has some amazing advantages. To name but a few:

  1. Warmth: In winters, they are just the perfect snack to provide warmth to your body.
  2. Pre-and-post-workout Snack: Sesame seeds clubbed with jaggery make a great energizer. Sesame seeds are known to be amazing energy boosters.
  3. Stomach Friends: Sesame seeds and Jaggery, both are known to be fibrous and are good for digestion. They also ensure good bowel movements, IYKWIM. 😉
  4. Muscle Strengthening: These are rich in sesame seeds and jaggery is a good source of iron – that helps anemic people, calcium – that makes the muscle strong and potassium and magnesium – that keep the liver healthy.
  5. Skin admirers: Sesame seeds and jaggery have anti-inflammatory properties that protect our skin during winters from getting dry and flaky.

Check out these amazing types of Gajak at Dilocious:

1. Malai Gajak

In winters, they are just the perfect snack to provide warmth to your body. We bet you will drool on this one.
Malai Gajak

2. Gajak Barfi

We kid you not, this barfi form of GAJAK is mindblowing. What a creative mind of the person who invented this!

3. Samosa Gajak

We did not even know if this was a real delicacy until we tried it for ourselves. SAMASA GAJAK, by virtue of the name, is so exciting. How can you not try this one!

4. Chocolate Dryfruit Gajak

Huge shout out to all the chocolate lovers out there. This is your THE BEST winter companion. Trust us!
Chocolate Dryfruit Gajak

5. Dryfruit Gajak Gur

Dry Fruit and Jaggery – OH MY MY! That’s all we can say for now.
Dryfruit Gajak Gur

6. Gur Kaju Roll

You know, this gajak roll is something you can have after every meal. Literally! And it still wouldn’t be enough.

7. Double Maza Chikki

When we are talking about Gajak, how can we miss the most loved delicacy from Western India – Chikki.

8. Gajab Ki Gajak

It is that GAZAB, once can only savour it and realise. Don’t buy us? It is alright. Buy the gajak and you will know!
Gajab Ki Gajak

9. Moongfali (Peanut) Gajak

Peanuts are an essential part of winters. And it would be unfair to the Gajak family to not have included this one.

10. Gur Rewri

Saving the best for the last!
This is your go-to snack for every mood. Try for yourself and you will know.

Gur Rewri

What are you waiting for? Buy Gajak now from all the famous Gajak Wales of India only at Dilocious.

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