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Gajak/ Chikki/ Gachak | Dilocious Blog

Gajak is dry, delectable and worth every bite sweet of winters. It is that sweet which can make every dry fruit succulent and more loveable.

It is known by various names- Chikki, Patti, Gachak, etc.

The making of gajak dates back to 19th century in the city of Lonavala, Maharashtra by a famous confectioner Manganlal. The confectionery is to date famous for its Gajak or Chikki and is named as Manganlal Chikki.

The Gajak is a famous North Indian delicacy known all over India and abroad.

Gajak making is a long process. It involves melting jaggery, adding peanuts, sesame seeds, or a combination of other dry fruits and cooking them. A thin layer of jaggery is formed over the dry fruits or sesame seeds making it a Gajak.

Hence, it becomes sweet and crispy all together.


Why is Gajak a winter’s sweet?

As already told, Gajak is either made from sesame seeds or dry fruits. And, we know sesame seeds and dry fruits are warmth giving foods. Moreover, jaggery is the icing on the cake which also gives warmth to the body.
Hence, what else is needed in winters?
Warmth, good health, and ultimately sweet delicacies.


Benefits of Gajak

We know it’s difficult to move out of beds in winters. So, we are usually worried about digestion and gaining weight.
Therefore, when you are cozy in your quilts in winters, just ate and laid down, Gajak will not only add to your coziness but also help you in digestion.

Jaggery isn’t pleasing to eat but jaggery in Gajak feels flavorsome. It helps in increasing HB in blood, prevents constipation, cleanses the liver, it boosts metabolism, and hence reduces fat.

Moreover, there are uncountable benefits of Jaggery. Consequently, eating Gajak as a snack in winters is a good way to keep our taste buds happy and body healthy.

Similarly, sesame seeds and dry fruits have their own nutritional perks.

Therefore, why would anyone prefer a sweet other than gajak in winters?


Varieties of Gajaks

There are a large number of varieties in Gajak. To name some-

1. Rose Gajak/ Gulab Chikki,
2. Gond Gajak,
3. Chocolate Gajak,
4. Til-rewari Gajak,
5. Peanuts Gajak,
6. Chana Chikki,
7. Chocolate Dry-fruit Gajak,
8. Coconut Chikki,
9. Dry fruit Chikki,
10. Elaichi Tilpatti, etc.

Additionally, Gajak is that sweet which can be made in any flavor to make it luring to every taste buds.

So dear people, winters have already knocked on our doors. It’s chilling and the taste buds crave sweets more and more.
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Therefore, acquainted with what Gajak is and its so many nutritional benefits, what are you waiting for?

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