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Food Specialties of South India | Dilocious Blog

South India is a beautiful region that is found at the bottom of the Map of India. Women draped in Saris and men in Sarong, with Chandan (Sandalwood) ka Tika on the forehead is the identification of most of the South Indians.

South India is also known as the Peninsular Region of India. It covers the fascinating states- Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Telangana, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, and Lakshadweep Islands. These states are exquisitely rich in fauna and flora. Its regional languages are Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Tulu, English, French, etc.

The way South Indians adorn themselves, worship, eat, and most importantly their lifestyle, all of them are things to behold. If you ever wish to be deeply acquainted with the mesmerizing India Culture, then well, South India has it for all.
Food is the essence of every culture and so is South Indian. You might have read the history, geography and politics of South India but that ain’t enough to fully acquaint yourself with its culture.

Therefore, to introduce you better with what you might be missing out on from South India we have curated the list of best sellers and their delicacies for which South India is known for.

There you go-

1. Mysore Pak, Lal Sweets ( Bangalore )

Mysore Pak is a popular and luscious sweet of Mysore. It is made from basic ingredients- Besan, Ghee, and Sugar. If you want to taste the best Mysore Pak of India, Lal Sweets (Bangalore) is the right avenue for you.


2. Dharwad Peda, Babu Singh Thakur Peda ( Dharwad)

Babu Singh Thakur Peda is a renowned seller in South India. Dharwad Peda is one such delicacy of this seller that can drive every sweet-toothed crazy with its stunning taste. It is a must-have delicacy of South India.


3. Bisticks, Almond House ( Hyderabad )

Bisticks are luring and sumptuous delicacies. They are just another form of biscuits. But, the taste of Bisticks of Almond House ( Hyderabad ) is undefeatable. These Bisticks form as the relishing savory of South India.


4. Jouzi Halwa, Hameedi Confectioners (Hyderabad)

Jouzi Halwa is a sweet delicacy that is made from the dominant ingredient Nutmeg. It is a popular Hyderabadi dessert that is worth every bite. Hameedi Confectioners are the most renowned confectioners of Jouzi Halwa.

5. Dum Ke Roats, Subhan Bakery ( Hyderabad )

Dum ke Roats are traditional cookies of Hyderabad that are very popular around Muharram. They are flavorsome, crispy, and a specialty of South India. Subhan Bakery is the best confectioner of Dum ke Roats.


6. Classic Chocolates, Moddy’s Chocolates( Ooty )

If you are a chocolate lover, then you should not miss out on the best and authentic seller of Chocolates- Moddy’s Chocolates. The Classic Chocolates of Moddy’s will make you drool over. This is one of the best that South India has got to offer all.


7. Dry Jamoon, Kumbakonam Murari Sweets ( Kottayam )

Dry fruits are delectable and nutritious to eat. One of their exotic varieties is Dry Jamoon.
Dry Jamoon of Kumbakonam Murari Sweets is the best Jamoon ( Indian Blackberry ) to savor in India. It is authentic to taste and well, it is a specialty of our South India.


8. Zafrani Kaju Ashrafi, Hameedi Confectioner (Hyderabad)

Zafrani Kaju Ashrafi is a flavorsome sweet that has Saffron and Cashews as the dominant ingredients. It is made into a Barfi and dissolves as soon as you put it in your mouth. Once you begin eating it, you will end up gulping the entire box.
Savor the best Zafrani Kaju Ashrafi of Hameedi Confectioner (Hyderabad).


9. Plum Cake, Omana Paul ( Kottayam )

Plum Cake is a traditional cake in South India that is much popular around Christmas. This is because a good majority of Indian Christians reside in South India.
Therefore you can relish the best Plum Cake of India from Omana Paul, Kottayam.


So, is your mouth already watering over the luscious list of South Indian Food Specialties?
Worry not amigos! This list is not just to acquaint you but also to deliver you what you are missing out on from South India.

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