Food Specialties of Central India

Food Specialties of Central India

India is a big country with huge diversity in all forms. From Kashmir to Kanykumari, one would get to see astounding natural and human-made beauty.

Everything that exists in India are things to behold. Be it culture, religious practices and most importantly food. The uncountable and delectable varieties of every corner of India represent how each culture and region has something mind-boggling to offer.

Well, to understand India from each corner, what other place would be the best to explore than Central India?

It is rightly said that in order to understand the regional beliefs and culture of a place, relish its food!

Therefore, we have curated a list of mesmerizing delicacies, and their sellers, of Central India. Let’s dive in the list and explore the Food Specialties of Central region of the country.


1. Pista Badam Biscuits, Fantasy bakery (Indore)

Fantasy Bakery was established in the year 1985, in the cleanest city of India- Indore. It is one of the most popular bakeries of India.

Pista Badam Biscuits is a succulent variety of Fantasy Bakery. It has authentic flavors of Pistachios and Almonds. It is a worth-relishing variety.

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2. Kaju Katli, Shree Ganga (Ujjain)

Kaju Katli is a mouth melting Indian sweet that is made from Kaju or Cashews. It has a silver lining on the top and is very addictive.

Kaju Katli of Shree Ganga (Ujjain) is worth every bite. It forms as one of the food specialties of Central   India.

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3. Mango Pickle, Yo Bihari (Jamshedpur)

Mango Pickle is a popular variety of pickle that is savored in India. It is tangy and adds an awesome flavor to meals.

Mango Pickle of Yo Bihari (Jamshedpur) is a very popular Achar or Pickle in Central India. It is mouth-drooling and a must-have.

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4. Ratlami sev, Prakash Namkeen (Indore)

Ratlami Sev is a namkeen or snack for tea-time. These are crispy and fried sticks that have a perfect spice and are flavorsome. They are traditional savories in Central India.

One can relish the best Ratlami Sev of India from Prakash Namkeen, Indore. Once you will taste it, no Namkeen would satiate you.

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5. Horlicks Bites, V-Venus Sweets and Bakers (Satna)


V-Venus Sweets and Bakers, established in the year 2012 is selling traditional Indian sweets with a little gist of modern day flavors.

One such variety of V-Venus Sweets and Bakers that is just exquisite is Horlicks Bites. It looks alluring and tastes delicious.

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6. Gajak, Taste of Malwa (Indore)

Gajak is a popular variety of sweets during winters. It is crispy and comes in exclusive varieties.

Taste of Malwa is a famous seller of Gajaks in India. It has been delivering authentic flavors of Gajaks and other sweets since 1972. The varieties of Gajaks of Taste of Malwa form as the specialties of Central India.

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7. Ice Halwa, Punjabi Ghasitaram Halwai (Mumbai)

Must have heard of Bombay Ice Halwa? Well, it has become so popular because of an excellent confectioner – Punjabi Ghasitaram Halwai in Mumbai.

Ice Halwa is usually made from cornflour and is a layered sweet. It is extremely luscious and mouthwatering. It is one of the specialties of Central India.

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