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Exotic Dry Fruits | Dilocious Blog

In a life full of schedules, hectic jobs and work, one does need energy. A balanced diet is a must. But, as a matter of fact, today’s generation has got so much accustomed to a busy lifestyle that health becomes a second priority.

So, what comes as a savior to serve our nutritional needs? Undoubtedly, it’s the dry fruits.

Dry fruits are easy to eat, tasty, and full of health benefits to make our body enriched with all the necessary nutrients.
But, eating dry fruits becomes even more enjoyable when they please our taste buds in different flavors and ways.

Well, to unveil how, we are talking about the exotic varieties of dry fruits.
Exotic dry fruits are always tempting and doubtlessly good for us. Therefore, let’s explore the varieties of luscious exotic dry fruits:


1. Battered Fried Cashew

Do your taste buds also crave crisp and peppery foods?
Well, for you, the Battered Fried Cashews are the best.

Deeply fried with piquant batter on it makes it succulent and irresistible to gulp.
Order the Exotic Battered Fried Cashews from Dilocious today.


2. Premium Chocolate Almonds

Chocolates are the only thing on this earth that everyone equally adores and craves to eat.
And to make your dry fruit diet even tastier, the Premium Chocolate Almonds are the best.
Get yourself the Premium Chocolate Almonds from Dilocious.


3. Lemon Tossed Soybeans

Soybeans are cholesterol-free and high in proteins.
To lure the tangy loving taste buds the Lemon Tossed Soyabeans are exquisite. They will make your snack time even more luscious.
Order the best Lemon Tossed Soybeans from Dilocious.


4. Paprika Almonds

Chilly thrills.
If spicy foods can’t make us go numb in the head, they cannot be considered so.
The Paprika Almonds are the perfect spicy snacks and are healthy.
Go get the best Paprika Almonds from Dilocious.

5. Caramel Almonds

If the above makes your taste buds burn with chili, the Caramel Almonds will save you.
These sweet and crispy almonds will not only make up for your snacks but also as your sweet post the main course.

Relish the Caramel Almonds from Dilocious.


6. Burnt Garlic Cashews

Do you savor garlic in your daily meals?
Well, without a doubt, garlic has a plethora of health benefits. And, adding it to the cashews, this exotic variety- Burnt Garlic Cashews become the best diet food.
Savor the most popular Burnt Garlic Cashews by ordering from Dilocious.

7. Dried Pomelo

Pomelos resemble grapefruits.
Dried Pomelos are mouth-watering exotic dry fruits that are rich in vitamins and nutrients.
If you are a fruit lover, Dried Pomelos are the best exotic dry fruits for you.
Order the succulent Dried Pomelos from Dilocious.


8. Dried Guava

Guava is the tastiest fruit of initial winters. The Dried Guava is a nutrition-rich exotic dry fruit to tingle your taste buds.
Savor this exotic variety from Dilocious.


9. Dried Pineapple

Who else loves the ascetic flavor of Pineapples?
Well, the Dried Pineapple makes this fruit even more tangy and tasty. Rich in Vitamin C, proteins, and dietary fibers makes this exotic Dry Fruit a must-have for all.
Get the Exotic Dried Pineapple delivered today from Dilocious.


10. Dried Cranberries

Dried Cranberries possess antioxidants and vitamins that are very healthy for the body.
Moreover, the Dried Cranberries are mouth drooling exotic dry fruits. They serve as a great snack or can be mixed into snack foods to make your meals tastier.
Savor without any wait the Dried Cranberries from Dilocious.


Dilocious is a global food platform to serve you the best that belongs to each corner of India.
Be it the exotic varieties of food, or the traditional delicacies, gourmet foods, or your mouth fresheners, everything exists on its platform.

Therefore, Dilocious delivers the Food Specialties of India all over India and abroad.
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