Christmas Festival

Christmas Festival

Christmas is one of the most awaited and grand festival in the season of winters. It is celebrated all over the world on the 25th of December. It brings with it a lot of exuberating vibes, celebrations, and love.

Moreover, it is not only a festival of Christians but it is celebrated by all religious groups. This day is observed as a National Holiday in India.

In India, Christmas is given a native name called BADA DIN, meaning the Big Day.

To enunciate the history of Christmas,


25th of December marks the birth of Jesus Christ which we celebrate as Christmas Day.

Though, this day isn’t sure to be the birthdate of Jesus Christ, but it is celebrated because of the winter’s solstice that falls on 25th December.

According to Christian Theology, Christmas is a 12-day festivity. It begins on 25th December and ends on 6th January. It is believed that on the latter date, the Magi or the three wise men recognized Jesus as the Son of God.

January 6 is the Epiphany and is also known as the Three King’s Day.

But, how this festival traveled to India is also intriguing.

Christianity was introduced in India by Thomas the Apostle in the 52AD on the Malabar Coast which is known as Kerala today.

Therefore, from Kerala, Christianity spread across India.

Additionally, the religion Christianity augmented in the nation post the arrival of the Portuguese in the 16th Century. Hence, Christianity began to proliferate more and the British invasion of India also escalated it.

Therefore, an increasing Christian population also promoted the celebration of Christian festivals and hence Christmas.


How is Christmas celebrated?

Christmas, as already told, is celebrated by all religious groups in their own unique way. The celebration begins right from Christmas eve and the preparations start even before, from November.

But, to describe, Christmas is celebrated by:

-decorating a Christmas tree in the house,

-hanging stockings on the doors as a sign of positivity,

-lighting candles in the church,

-caroling and worshipping Jesus Christ,

-baking and cutting Plum Cakes, Rum Cakes and Rose Cookies,

-families and friends come together and celebrate the festivity together, etc.

Santa Claus is the main essence of this festival. Elders don the clothes of Santa Claus and distribute gifts to children. The entire cities and towns are lit with beautiful lights and decorations.

Christians attend the Christmas mass and attend Christmas services.

Christmas is majorly celebrated in the South and North Eastern states of India where the major population is of Christians.

Moreover, the food and delicacies at every festival are of utmost significance. Consequently, why will it not be on Christmas?

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Savor the luscious varieties of cakes, chocolates, cookies, and a lot more on the Big Day.
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