Christmas Delicacies India

Christmas Delicacies India

Ringing bells, Santa on the sleigh,
Carols and decorations everywhere.
Cakes, and cookies and the luscious fare,
Let’s celebrate Christmas Day.

Christmas, the most beautiful and delightful festival of winter is just around the corner. Falling on 25th December every year, when the temperature is at the lowest, Christmas holds an undeniable relevance.
Meeting pals, savoring food together, gifting each other, and worshipping Jesus Christ is a beautiful way to celebrate Christmas.

But, do you wonder, what acts as an icing to the cake on every festival?
Undeniably it’s the food, the delicacies, and the traditional meals.
Therefore, we acquaint you the mouth-watering, India’s best delicacies to savor this Christmas.

So, let’s dive into the luscious collection-

1. Christmas Bakery

Bakery products, that are cakes, cookies, brownies are delectable sweets that can never be forgotten on Christmas. In fact, children and adults crave to savor them on Christmas. Therefore, the following are the best bakery products to be relished on Christmas Day:

a. Plum Cake

Do you know an interesting fact about Plum Cakes?
The Plum Cakes do not have plums in them. But worry not, you aren’t lied about. Back some centuries Plums was another name of Dry Fruits.

Do you want to savor the best Plum Cake of India? Order yourself Omana Paul’s Plum Cake without a second thought and make your Christmas even more relishing.

b. Roasted Nuts Brownie

Have you ever savored the brownies of Brownie Heaven, Chennai?

If no, my dear fellows, you are not completely relishing life on earth.
Roasted Nuts Brownies are delectable brownies that once you eat, you will end up gulping the entire box.

Explore the variety of Brownies of Brownie Heaven on Dilocious.


c. Almond Roasted Cookies

Cookies always accompany our leisure time. And Cookies hold another important relevance on the day of Christmas.

Almond Roasted Cookie is one such cookie that can make your perfect Christmas delicacy. The crunchy almonds and the flaky biscuits are undoubtedly worth savoring.

Therefore, relish the best Almond Roasted Cookie of India of Lovely Bake Studio, Jalandhar.


d. Belgian Chocolate Cookies

Do you know, what makes cookies even more flavorsome? It is chocolates. The Belgian Chocolate Cookies of Fabbox, Mumbai is the best cookie of India.

So, if you are a food lover and since Christmas bells are ringing, order yourself Belgian Chocolate Cookies from Dilocious.


e. Bisticks

What about savoring Bisticks instead of biscuits this Christmas?

Bisticks are biscuit sticks that taste amazing and they look appealing. They come in a variety of tastes and flavors.

The Almond House, Hyderabad is a renowned Bisticks confectioner of India.

Therefore, relish today the best Bisticks of India from Dilocious.


2. Christmas Chocolates


How can we forget the delectable chocolates in the list of Christmas delicacies!

Chocolates are the ones that are relished by everyone and in every flavor. They are irresistible sweets.
Therefore, let us explore the best chocolates and their sellers of India to make our Christmas filled with joy and sweetness.

a. Uganda Single Origin 80% Dark Chocolate

Well, you must be aware of the uncountable benefits of dark chocolates.

And, Uganda Single Origin 80% Dark Chocolate of Ambriona, Maharashtra is not only popular in India but all around the world. Therefore, add this delectable chocolate to your Christmas delicacies list.

Order now from


b. 24 Pieces Luxury Assorted Chocolate Box

We know, one chocolate cannot satisfy every taste bud.

As a result, the 24 Pieces Luxury Assorted Chocolate Box is the one that can make your entire family rejoice with chocolates this Christmas.

It brings with it 24 differently flavored chocolates in different shapes and sizes.

Order today the most succulent 24 Pieces Luxury Assorted Chocolate Box of Fantasy Bakery, Madhya Pradesh from Dilocious.

c. Daarzel 30% White Chocolate with Cookies and Creams

White chocolates have their own fan following. And when they are accompanied by cookies and creams, it becomes irresistible.

The best Daarzel 30% White Chocolate with Cookies and Creams belongs to Ambriona, Maharashtra.

Make your Christmas luscious. You are just a click away.


d. Sending you Hugs and Love Chocolate

Sending you Love and Hugs Chocolate of Rage Chocolatier is premium chocolate that is made in-house. It is one of the specialties of India.

Therefore, celebrate your Christmas and gift Sending you Love and Hugs Chocolate of Rage Chocolatier to your loved ones.


3. Christmas Dry Fruits


Christmas is the festival of winters and undeniably we aim for eating food that would fetch us warmth and coziness.

Easy, digestible, and nutrition-rich winter’s specialty is none other than Dry Fruits.

Subsequently, we have an amazing list of succulent dry fruits you can savor on Christmas Day.

a. Signature California Walnut Kernels

Walnuts are a rich source of protein and dietary fiber with no gluten, GMO, and zero trans fat.
Moreover, the California Walnut Kernels are the best walnuts.

Therefore, add to your Christmas list the best Signature California Walnut Kernels of Nutraj, Jammu and Kashmir from Dilocious.


b. Roasted Soya Nuts

Have you relished the succulent Roasted Soya Nuts of Fabbox, Mumbai?

If not, order today the luscious Roasted Soya Nuts from Dilocious and make your winter celebration delightful.


c. Premium Chocolate Cashews

Cashews have plant proteins and are best to eat in winters.

But, when they are shelled with delicious chocolates, it becomes a mouth-watering nut.
As a result, to add sweetness to your dry fruit diet and Christmas celebrations savor today the Premium Chocolate Cashews of Fabbox, Mumbai from Dilocious.

d. Peri Peri Almonds

Almonds are always the favorite of everyone among the dry fruits.
And, to make it even more mouth-watering the Peri-Peri flavor will make it irresistible to gulp.

So, relish the Peri Peri Almonds of Fabbox, Mumbai, and bring a Peri-Peri flavor to your winter’s festivity.


Dear pals, the list doesn’t end here. The varieties are uncountable. Candies, Fudges, Truffles, Gourmet Food and a lot more are looking your way.

Through Dilocious, you won’t just get these luscious food products but you would be savoring the specialties of India.

And that is why we have fetched you a Christmas Gift Collection so that you do not miss out on the best of what you can give and relish yourself.

Visit today and get flavors beyond boundaries.


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