Chocolate Cakes and Plum Cakes

Chocolate Cakes and Plum Cakes

Best Cakes of India

The irresistible sweet of all times is Cake.
Be it a birthday, an anniversary, a celebration,
A festivity, or any moment of joy, Cakes are significant.

The sweet, soft, and creamy delicacy that makes every mouth drool over is undoubtedly a cake.

But, what makes a cake so relishing to every taste bud is that it can be made of any flavour. The fruit you savor the most, the dry-fruit you love, the crunchy taste you adore, or a creamy one, cakes can be made in any form.

And this is how you can serve your stomach along with mouthful taste with delicious cakes.

To count on, we fetch you the most popular, luscious, flavorsome, and the best Cake of India- the Plum Cake.

Plum Cake

Plum cake tops the favorite and mouth-watering cakes of India. With the primary ingredient Plum, the Omana Paul’s Plum Cake is the most popular Plum Cake in India.

The cake is made with dry fruits like grapes, raisins, currants or fresh fruits which make it succulent and luring to gulp. In winters, the demand for Omana Pauls’ Plum Cakes reaches a high demand in India and abroad.

The varieties differ with-
a. Plum Cake
b. Rich Plum Cake
c. Rich Plum Cake Round Shape in Tin

The Plum Cake is the basic cake that is flavorsome and infilled with dry-fruits.

But, the Rich Plum cake is even richer in terms of infilled dry fruits.
So, all of you who are dry fruit lovers should definitely savor Rich plum Cake.

Rich Plum Cake also comes in a round shape in a circular tin which makes it look even tastier.

You can get this amazing Plum Cake residing anywhere in the country or the US through

We are sure once you taste it you will end up relishing it all!

But, it’s not just. There are other equally succulent varieties of Cakes that are relished in India and abroad from the best bakers of India.

To your knowledge, and our glee, let us explore more of India’s mind-boggling cakes!

1. Raisins and Nut Cake


The luscious and mouth-watering Raisins and Nut Cake is delivered by the Anns, Kottayam. It is one of the specialties of India.

The cake is made from amalgamating different varieties of nuts, and raisins as the dominating one. The cakes are non-creamy, soft and a crunch is relished while eating it.

It makes it all the more a healthy cake with a mind-numbing taste.

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2. Rumberry Cake


As the name suggests, this variety of cakes has rum as its chief ingredient. The cake is a little yellowish in color drizzled with butter rum sauce.

India’s famous baker of Rumberry Cake is Concert Hot Breads, Ernakulum.

This Rumberry Cake has an exclusive taste that makes everyone drool over.

So, do not miss out on this specialty of India coming winters and the days of celebrations to come.

Order, wherever you are, the luscious Rumberry Cake from Dilocious.

3. Carrot Date and Nut Cake


A unique and luscious mix of carrots, dates, and nuts makes Carrot Date and Nut Cake.

The most popular Carrot Date and Nut Cake of India belong to Anns from Kottayam. They are the premium bakers of this cake.

The carrots are grated, and nuts and dates are chopped into small pieces which give an amazing taste to the cake.

A healthy and sweet approach to lure everyone.

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The winter is the season of delicacies and coziness. The advent of Christmas, New Year, and Valentines is suited by nothing except cakes. Therefore, Dilocious brings to you the popular and premium cakes of India.

So, without any further cravings, go grab the flavors beyond boundaries!



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