Bihar and Its Famous Food

Bihar and Its Famous Food

What do you think, when you hear about the state Bihar? Well, most would say backwardness, illiteracy, poverty and most dominating Lalu Prasad Yadav ;). But, to denote Bihar is not confined to just these numbered facts.

Bihar lies to east India and is the 3rd most populous subnational entity of the world. 22 March is celebrated as Bihar Day or Bihar Divas as the state was formed on this date in 1912.

Besides various economic setbacks, do you wonder about the marvels and the marvelous facts about Bihar? Undoubtedly, they ought to be there, because it is indeed a state of the beautiful country India.

Therefore, to make you acquainted with the mesmerizing state Bihar, the important and noteworthy facts of Bihar are as follows:


· Jainism and Buddhism have all originated from Bihar.

· The oldest Hindu Temple in the country-Mundeshwari Devi Temple resides in the city Patna.

· The maximum numbers of IAS Officers belong to the state Bihar.

· It houses the oldest University –Nalanda University.

· Birthplace of mathematician Aryabhatta is Bihar.

· Bihar is the place that taught SEX to the world. Vatsayana who wrote Kamasutra belonged to Bihar.

· Sonepur Fair, the largest Cattle Fair in Asia takes place in the state.

These are just a few important facts, but there are innumerable and mind-blowing things about Bihar that can be lived and not known.

When talking about a place, we usually wonder about its culture and hence food. Bihar is no less in its food specialties in comparison to other states. It has its own distinguished culture and delicacies that set it apart from others.

There are some must have foods of Bihar that can make you drool over and they also speak about its culture. The excellent tastes and flavors of them are worth relishing. Some of them are:


1. Litti Chokha

Litti Chokha is something that you will be welcomed with in Bihar. Litti is a crispy, round ball prepared from wheat and sattu. Chokha is made from mashed vegetables, and is succulently spiced. Hence, the combination, Litti and Chokha is worth savouring.


2. Naivedyam

Naivedyam is a type of Ladoo that is popular as a Prasad of famous Hanuman Mandir in Patna. It is made from gram flour, desi ghee and a lot of dry fruits. This mesmerizing delicacy is mouth melting and leaves an ecstatic taste.


3. Chandrakala

Gujiya or Chadrakala is a traditional sweet of Bihar. It is usually savored around the festival of Holi. It is crispy from the outer layer and infilled with dry fruits and sugar syrup.


4. Khaja

A 2000-year-old preparation Khaja, is another scrumptious delicacy. It is very similar to Baklava of the Ottoman Empire. It is a crispy dessert made from mawa, wheat flour and is deeply fried. Consequently, it is wafery in texture yet mouth melting.


5. Laung Latika

Laung latika is another mouth-drooling delicacy of Bihar. It is sweet in taste and has a unique flavor of Clove/laung. Therefore, this delicacy is different from the other popular sweets of the state.

6. Dal Peetha

Well, Bihar has its own way of cooking and savoring Momos. And that is, Dal Peetha. It is covered with rice flour with the fillings of lentils and spiced with pickles. It is either fried or steamed. Hence, it is one of the specialties of this state.

7. Thekua


Thekua is a lip-smacking snack that can satiate your hunger attacks. Fried and prepared from wheat flour and jaggery, it has the exquisite aroma and traditional taste of Bihar. Thekua is also known as Khajuria.

8. Sattu

Sattu ka Sharbat is popular all over India. it is a healthy drink prepared from roasted gram flour. It is a good source of proteins and is a favorite drink around the festival of colors, Holi.

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