Best 6 Aam Papads of India You must relish!

Best 6 Aam Papads of India You must relish!

The only reason that makes us live through the summers- AAM.

Mango is a delectable variety of fruits that is commonly savored in summers. It comes in a lot of forms that are sweet, tangy, sour, etc. All of them are mouth-watering and irresistible.

Mangoes are usually low-calorie fruits, high in fibre, Vitamin A and C, good for digestion, heart health, and possess a lot of alike benefits.

What a boon a mango is, as good for health as to taste!

Well, to savor the flavorsome mangoes, we need not rely on summers. A luscious variety extracted from the mangoes is all set to serve us all around the year. It is none other than AAM PAPAD.

Aam Papad is made from extracting mango pulp. It is soft, sweet, can be made into different shapes, and most importantly taste as real as a mango. It gets to melt in the mouth as soon as chewed.

Because Aam Papad is extremely luring and lets us savor the flavor of mangoes all around the year, it is important we get the best and authentic Aam Papad.

To help you with this, we have enlisted the best Aam Papads, and their sellers, of India belonging to different corners of the country. Hence, the must-have Aam Papads are:


1. Aam Papad Khatta, Surbhi (Jaipur)

Aam Papad Khatta is one delectable variety of Aam Papad that is very tangy, might make your eye twitch a little ;).

It comes in a stick shape, salted over the top and extremely mouth melting. Surbhi from Jaipur is the best seller of Aam Papad Khatta.

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2. Aam Papad Meetha, Surbhi (Jaipur)

Another variant of Aam Papad to please the sweet-toothed is Aam Papad Meetha. It is also in sticks shape, as sweet as a real mango and addictive to buds.
Aam Papad Meetha of Surbhi, Jaipur is one of India’s food specialties.

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3. Futri-Mango Tamarind Toffee, Kataria Food Innovators (Udaipur)

Well, we usually enjoy eating mango and tamarind toffees. When such are extracted from the real mangoes and tamarinds, the flavor is undefeatable.
One such is Futri-Mango Tamarind Toffee of Kataria Food Innovators (Udaipur). This variety is mind-boggling luscious.

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4. Khatta Mitha Aampak, Manpasand (Jaipur)

For those, who like to have a balance between sour and sweet, the Khatta Mitha Aampak variety of Aam Papad is a must-have. This variety is extremely flavorsome that you would never have enough of it!
Manpasand, Jaipur is the best seller in India to sell Khatta Mitha Aampak.

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5. Totapuri Aam Papad, Kataria Food Innovators (Udaipur)

Totapuri Aam Papad is made from Tota Aam, a popular variety of mangoes. Tota Aam possesses a tangy taste yet feels sweet.
Kataria Food Innovators have been selling Totapuri Aam Papad for over 15 years. It is an exquisite variety of Aam Papad.

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6. Bhannat-Black Aampapad, Kataria Food Innovators (Udaipur)

Bhannat-Black Aampapad is a unique variety, that is black in color, tastes like mango and tamarind simultaneously. It looks different than usual Aam Papads that are yellow in color, but they please a lot of taste buds.
Bhannat-Black Aampapad of Kataria Food Innovators is a must-relish variety.

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