6 Types of Luscious Sandesh

6 Types of Luscious Sandesh

Visiting a relative, or a relative visiting you, a festival, or an occasion of joy, everything is incomplete without a box of sweet.

But, as a matter of fact, certain sweets feel eternally suitable at every occasion. This is because they are extremely delectable. Here, we are going to refer to a popular Indian sweet, which belongs to West Bengal- Sandesh.

Sandesh is usually called Sondesh by the Bengal natives. It is made from two basic ingredients milk and sugar. Earlier it used to be made from solidified Kheer, another Indian sweet made from rice, milk, and sugar.

This popular dessert is said to have originated back in the 16th century. This sweet is even mentioned in Medieval Bengali Literature. Not as a surprise, Sondesh is derived from the Hindi word ‘Sandesh’ which means a message or news. Bengalis sent these sweets as a gift to relatives which led to its naming.

With time, Sandesh has come up with several variants. All these variants are luscious and can satiate every palate.

Therefore, we have curated the succulent arrays of Sandesh or Sondesh that can make every mouth drool over.


1. Strawberry Sandesh

Well, to all the strawberry flavor lovers, this variety is for you.
Luring pink in color, this Sandesh is extremely mouth dissolving, sweet, and mind-blowing. It is very attractive in appearance and foodgasmic to taste.


2. Mango Pista Sandesh

What a wonderful combination of dry fruit and fruit it is! The sweetness of Mango and the saltiness of pistachio, have made this variety of Sandesh worth relishing.
It is a must-try, as it is soft and feels crunchy too.


3. Plain Jalbhara Sandesh

Plain Jalbhara Sandesh is the basic variety of the sweet but is infilled with sweet syrup. This array is such that as soon as you bite it, the sweetness bursts, and feels mouth and taste fulfilling.


4. Nolen Gurer Atta Sandesh

Nolen Gurer Atta Sandesh is an out of the box variation of Sandesh. It is like a fudge made from gur or jaggery and Indian cottage cheese. Once you will relish it, no other sweet would satiate you this much.


5. Chocolate Jalbhara Sandesh

Chocolate never fails to amalgamate with every other sweet. So is with Sandesh. Chocolate Jalbhara is a very exciting variety that tastes like melted chocolate and has a sweet syrup inside.
Even its appearance will fetch you a sugar rush. Chocolate addicts must try this.


6. Pineapple Sandesh

The tanginess and sweetness of Pineapple are all set to make Sandesh flavorsome. The Pineapple Sandesh is another mouth-watering variant of Sandesh that has made the taste buds of many go bonkers.

So, Is your mouth already watering? Do these scrumptious Sandesh making you crave them? Do you also love the spongy, sweet, mouth-melting sweet like Sandesh?

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