6 Must-Have Herbs and Spices

6 Must-Have Herbs and Spices

Herbs and Spices have been in existence since humankind began to evolve. When we wonder what the human tribe ate when they had meager knowledge about the world around them, it’s the Herbs and Spices.

Herbs and Spices aren’t just eatables that made our ancestors survive. In fact today, we have come to the conclusion that Herbs and Spices are a boon to humankind.

Whatever we eat today, relish, or savor it’s the presence of Herbs and Spices that has made every food delectable and hence healthy.

Scientifically, Herbs and Spices are a remedy and a cure to any disease to any living form on earth. The food that fetched our ancestors long lives, wouldn’t inhibit itself from giving us today its enormous health benefits.

Therefore, explore these best Herbs and Spices of the Indian Land and make yourself cherish its mesmerizing health benefits.


1. Tota Gold Hing Granules, Tota Hing (Hathras)

Hing or Asafetida is a popular and regularly used spice. It is yellow in color and is extracted from the resin of giant fennel plants. This spice is a secret to delectable Indian dishes.

Some of its mesmerizing health benefits are:

· Helps lower blood pressure.
· Has antibacterial properties.
· Protects brain health.
· Reduces blood-sugar levels.
· Promotes metabolism and improves digestive health.

The Tota Gold Hing Granules of Tota Hing is an authentic Hing that forms as one of the best Hing of India. it is authentic and rich in flavor, color and nutrition.


2. Panchphoron Spices, Max Health (Kolkata)

Panchphoron is a popular spice commonly used in Eastern India. it is an amalgamation of five spices, namely- Cumin, Brown Mustard, Fenugreek, Nigella and Fennel. It is a rich source of nutrients.

Its health benefits are-

· Aids weight-loss.
· Checks blood-sugar level.
· Improves skin and hair health.
· Increases immunity against infections.
· Prevents growth of cancer cells.

Max Health is one of the best sellers of Panchphoron Spice in India. Do relish this taste and health booster spice of Max Health.

3. Radhuni Spices, Max Health (Kolkata)

Radhuni, also known as Ajmoda and Wild Celery seeds is again a popular spice in the eastern region of the country. It is a dried fruit of Trachyspermum roxburghianum.

The health benefits of Radhuni Spice that make it a must-have spice are-

· Relieves menstrual cramp.
· Evades intestinal parasites, colic, flatulence.
· Improves digestion.
· Good for cognitive health.
· Helps to deal with epileptic fits,
· Calms the central nervous system, hence releasing stress,

Radhuni Spices of Max Health are one of the best from India to consume. They are natural, unadulterated, and a must-relish.

4. Ginger Crush, Bazaari Funde (Jorhat)

Ginger is a herb that we often include in our meals. It gives warmth to the body and is very healthy. The perks of eating ginger are-

· Prevents the growth of cancerous cells.
· Calms nausea.
· Lowers blood sugar.
· Eases Arthritis symptoms.
· Soothes sore muscles.

The Ginger Crush of Bazaari Funde is a handy, easy to use, and genuine product. Bazaari Funde is one of the best sellers of Ginger Crush in India.

5. Fenugreek Chutney Powder, Daadi’s (Bangalore)

Fenugreek is a clover-like herb that is used in cooking and as a medicine. It is a flavoring agent in food, beverages, etc.
Fenugreek has the following health benefits:

· Increase milk production in breastfeeding mothers.
· Lowers blood-sugar levels.
· Reduces inflammation.
· Assist in appetite control.
· Pain reliever.
· Reduces risk of heart diseases.

Usually, it’s difficult to consume herbs in raw forms. Therefore, to make it delectable with its health benefits, the Fenugreek Chutney Powder of Daadi’s is all set to fetch you this amazing herb.

Order today Fenugreek Chutney of Daadi’s.

6. Curry Leaves Chutney Powder, Daadi’s (Bangalore)

Curry leaves are the leaves of the Curry Tree. They are highly aromatic, used for medicinal and culinary purposes. They can be consumed in raw form as well.

The health advantages of curry leaves are-

· Scavenges free radicals.
· Has neuroprotective properties.
· May have anti-cancer properties.
· Rich in antioxidants.
· Reduces body cholesterol.

The Curry Leaves Chutney Powder is an easy-to-make Chutney with the richness of Curry Leaves. Daadi’s Curry Leaves Chutney Powder is one of the specialties of India.

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