5 Must-Have Food Specialties of East India | Dilocious Blog

5 Must-Have Food Specialties of East India | Dilocious Blog


East India is followed by the Himalayan Range. It is rich in fauna, flora and experiences a unique sunrise and sunset than the rest of India. It assimilates in Odisha, West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, and Arunachal Pradesh. The architectural marvels, rich history, the exquisite environment can easily lure anyone to reside in East India.

The local languages of East India are Bhojpuri, Bengali, Odia, etc that differ with different states. Additionally, the cultural dances, music and art forms of East India are things to behold, enjoy, and appreciate.

No matter what, delicacies perfectly define a regional culture from the core. The cultural dishes and savories make every region and its culture unique. Therefore, to bring forward the food specialties of East India, we have curated a list of lip-smacking savories that you must not miss out on!

1. Special Dalmoth, Pramod (Gaya, Bihar)

Dalmoth is a popular Namkeen of Bihar. It is luscious, spicy and very unique in taste. Pramod of Gaya is the most popular confectioner of Dalmoth. Its Special Dalmoth is flavorsome and the best in India.
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2. Sandesh, Ganguram Sweets (Kolkata, West Bengal)

Sandesh is a sweet delicacy that is extremely luscious. It is a cultural sweet dish of West Bengal and its people.
Ganguram Sweets in Kolkata is the most renowned seller of Sandesh in India. It serves numerous varieties of Sandesh in different flavors. It is a must-have if you want to get acquainted with the richness of East India.
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3. Red Trip Dried King Chilli, Bazaari Funde (Jorhat, Assam)

Bazaari Funde is a popular pickle brand in the city of Jorhat, Assam. Its Red Trip Dried King Chilli pickle is the most lip-smacking pickle in Eastern India. It is spicy and has an exquisite flavor that might make you go bonkers 😉
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4. Chanachur, Mukharochak (Kolkata, West Bengal)

Chanachur is a Namkeen mixture of various dried ingredients that are nutritious and mouth-watering. They are a snack food and worth every bite.
Mukharochak, Kolkata is the best confectioner and seller of Chanachur in India. Hence, it forms a food specialty of East India.
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5. Mango Pickle, Yo Bihari (Jamshedpur, Jharkhand)

Who else loves to eat Mango Pickle along with the main course? Well, if you do then the Mango Pickle of Yo Bihari should mandatorily be on your list.
Mango Pickle of Yo Bihari is one the specialties of East India. It is succulent and very genuine in taste.
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So all the Indian food lovers, are you missing out on these luscious foods of East India?

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