5 Healthy Butters to Include in your Diet | Dilocious Blog

5 Healthy Butters to Include in your Diet | Dilocious Blog

Butters are very common and important ingredients of the Indian diet. If some dish or delicacy lacks a considerable amount of Butter or Ghee, its authenticity becomes questionable. From every sweet to spicy food, everything in some way or the other has butter as the main ingredient.

Butters are usually notorious for making us gain weight and fats. The sedentary lifestyle that has been adopted due to the pandemic has already posed several health challenges. Amid this, good health, immunity is indispensable.

Consequently, we aim to propagate and promote healthy lifestyles. And, a healthy lifestyle cannot ignore a healthy diet.

Therefore, today we talk about different varieties of healthy butters. Such butters, that aren’t fat-enriched but instigate a healthier approach towards our diet.

We have curated a list of flavorsome, nutritious and the best healthy butters of India.
Hence, there you go-

1. Peanut Butter

Peanuts have high amounts of proteins. It helps in hair growth, reduces chances of gallstone and heart diseases.

Peanut Butter is usually very good for people who are aiming for bodybuilding and hence, are health freaks. It is best to eat with brown bread as they fetch a flavorsome taste.

The Classic Peanut Butter of Pintola ( Ahmedabad ) is the best seller of Peanut Butter in India. It serves authentic and worth relishing Peanut Butter.


2. Ambriona Cashew Nut Butter

Cashew Nut Butter fetches us several health benefits. It controls cholesterol levels, improves bone health, balances metabolism, strengthens our immune system, etc.

The Ambriona Cashew Nut Butter of Ambriona Cacao Blends Pvt. ( Mumbai ) is the best Cashew Nut Butter to include in your health regime. It is organic, extremely nutritious and a specialty of India.

3. Hazelnut Butter with Mild Dark Chocolate

We usually adore Hazelnut as a flavor in a lot of different forms like shakes, icecreams, etc.
But, to bring to your knowledge you can give up the other varieties derived from hazelnut but not the Hazelnut Butter once you relish it.

Hazelnut Butter has its unique health benefits. It reduces inflammation, improves sperm count, supports healthy bowel movement, improves heart health, etc.

The Hazelnut Butter with Mild Dark Chocolate is a perfect butter if you are planning to adopt a healthy diet. It has cacao in it which also has its amazing health benefits.

If you really want to relish Hazelnut Butter with mild Dark Chocolate, the Ambriona Cacao Blends Pvt. ( Mumbai ) is the best in India to buy from.


4. Almond Butter

Almond Butter has a very luring fragrance and taste. When we talk about its health benefits, they make Almond Butter a must-have. It improves bone health, reduces the chance of obesity, controls the blood sugar level, etc.

Additionally, almonds have a higher level of Vitamin E than other dry fruits which make almond and its butter even more unique.

Do relish the Almond Butter with Sea Salt variety of Ambriona Cacao Blends Pvt. ( Mumbai ) to savor the best.


5. Cocoa Butter

Cocoa Butter is usually tasty and satiates us at times when we crave chocolates. But, as a boon, it got us amazing health benefits as well. It improves vision, helps in reproduction, improves brain health, good for skin, and possesses a lot more perks.

Cocoa butter can be consumed to relish taste buds and to cherish good health.
The best Cocoa Butter in India can be fetched from Jus’Trufs ( Bangalore ).

Henceforth, the best butters that will support your healthy regime have been listed. So, we know what might be your next concern!

Eating the best from the best, both are equally important. Consequently, we will aid you with that too.
Dilocious is a global food platform that brings to you the specialty foods of India. What is the best in which corner of India will be delivered to you in just a click.

This year we want to help you with a nutritious diet. Therefore, we have introduced a new category of Health Foods keeping in mind to serve both your taste buds and health.

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