11 Must-Have Food Specialties of North India | Dilocious Blog

11 Must-Have Food Specialties of North India | Dilocious Blog

North India lies to the northern or upper end of India. It covers beautiful states that experience unique weather conditions, from extreme cold to hot.

North India shelters different cultures, languages, lives and a very soothing environment. The states that belong to North India are Jammu and Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Delhi, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, and UT Chandigarh.

The languages officially spoken are Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, and English. There are enumerable things in North India that one must clap its eyes on. The aura of North India is very overwhelming, inviting and worth cherishing.

To note, one of the important things that make North India the most inviting is its Cultural Delicacies, its food specialties.

People from distances visit North India to relish the mesmerizing culture of India through its food. Therefore, we have sought to put forward the best and succulent food specialties, and their sellers, of North India that one should not miss out.

If you love to soothe your taste buds every now and then, go and relish the following delicacies list:

1. Bareilly Ki Barfi, Kipps Sweets ( Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh )

Enough of watching Bareilly Ki Barfi. It’s time to really relish it.

Bareilly Ki Barfi is a mouth-drooling Barfi that you cannot get off once you eat. It is sweet, mouth melting and exquisitely addictive.

Order today Bareilly ki Barfi from Kipps Sweets to taste the best of North India.

2. Dhodha, Dhodha House ( Ludhiana, Punjab )

Punjab is renowned for its authentic and ghee enriched sweets. One of the best sweets of Punjab is Dhodha of Dhoda House.

Dhodha is a brown colored sweet, infilled with dry fruits, made from milk and very flavorsome. The words would always be less to describe how awesome it tastes.

Relish today the Dhodha of Dhoda House. Click here.

3. Dry Fruit Sund Panjeeri, Pahalwan Di Hatti ( Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir )

Panjeeri is a common household sweet dish in winters. This is because it fetches considerable warmth and relishes our taste buds.

Dry Fruit Sund Panjeeri of Pahalwan di Hatti is popular all over India because its taste is undefeatable.

Therefore, when winters have caught you, you get yourself Dry Fruit Sund Panjeeriof Pahalwan Di Hatti. Click here.

4. Kesar Angoori Petha, Panchhi Petha ( Agra, Uttar Pradesh )

Petha is a healthy and sweet delicacy. Kesar Angoori Petha is enriched with Kesar and is in a round shape. It is flavorsome, delectable, and mouth-watering.

Panchhi Petha is the most popular confectioners of Kesar Angoori Petha.

Let your taste buds enjoy the best Kesar Angoori Petha from North India. Click here and order.

5. Milk Cake, Evergreen Sweets ( Delhi )

Evergreen Sweets is one of the oldest confectioners of India. It is very popular for its Milk Cake. Even after 62 years, there is not a single deviation in its authentic and mind-boggling taste.

If you are a sweet-toothed being, order today the Milk Cake from Evergreen Sweets. Let your tongue and stomach be fulfilled.

6. Suji Ka Thekua, Thekua ( Delhi )

Thekua is a dry sweet, crispy, and crunchy to taste. Suji Ka Thekua of Thekua is notably popular and loved all over India. it is a perfect snack product for sweet-toothed.

Click here and relish the Suji ka Thekua of Thekua.

7. Punjabi Panjeeri Laddu, Lovely Sweets ( Jalandhar, Punjab )

As already mentioned, Panjeeri is a savior in winters. When it gets shrieking cold Panjeeri fetches us the much-needed warmth.

The Punjabi Panjeeri Laddu has a unique Punjabi flavor in it that makes it extremely succulent to eat. Therefore, it is one of the specialties of North India from the city of Jalandhar.

Savor the best Punjabi Panjeeri Laddu from Lovely Sweets. Click here.

8. Cake Rusk, Ellora Homeaids ( Dehradun, Uttarakhand )

Cake Rusk is a specialty of North India. it is a dry sweet, biscuit shaped, flaky and crispy all together.
The Cake Rusk of Ellora Homeaids is the supreme. It has a rich flavor and very genuine to taste.

Henceforth, relish today if you haven’t yet, the Cake Rusk of Ellora Homeaids.

9. Special Desi Ghee Bal Mithai, Omi Sweets ( Mussouri, Uttarakhand )

Bal Mithai is made from roasted khoya, coated with white sugar balls, and is brown in color. As a result, besides its taste, it is itself luring in its appearance.

Bal Mithai is a popular sweet dish from the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand. Omi Sweets is the best confectioner of Bal Mithai. Its Special Desi Ghee Bal Mithai is mind-boggling.

Click here to cherish and relish the Bal mithai of Omi Sweets.

10. Desi Ghee Nankhatai, Misht ( Gurugram, Haryana )

Desi Ghee Nankhatai is a popular range of Khatai or biscuits. It is flaky and mouth melting. Misht from Gurugram is a renowned baker of Desi Ghee Nan Khatai.

It is a must relish delicacy that might make you drool over.
Hence, do not miss out on it, click here and order.

11. Mixed Pickle, Pachranga Achar ( Panipat, Haryana )

Pickle is usually loved as an accompaniment of meals. They add flavor to them and make them more fulfilling.

Mixed Pickle of Pachranga Achar is one such pickle that you would never forget savoring with or without meals once you taste it. It will make your taste buds go bonkers for it.

Click here to order the Mixed Pickle of Pachranga Achar to relish the best of North India.

Is your mouth already drooling over reading up the list? Are you worried that you might have to visit the confectioners to savor the best of North India?

Well, well, well! Dilocious is here to deliver you the best of Indian delicacies from every corner of India to any corner you reside in. Savoring the best of delicacies of India is none less a luxury.
Consequently, we seek to fetch it to you.

You should not miss out on the 11 Must-Have Food Specialties of North India mentioned above!

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