10 Oldest Confectioners of India you cannot miss!| Dilocious Blog

10 Oldest Confectioners of India you cannot miss!| Dilocious Blog

How often do we hear our elders mentioning the authenticity and taste of delicacies of their time?
Every time they talk about the confectioners of their times we tend to drool over the description of their delicacies.

No matter how much we advance, how much we have begun to adore the western culture and their food, but our traditional delicacies never fail to flatter us. We know we cannot bring back that bona fide time but, we can still cherish that time.

Do you wonder how? The traditional confectioners of India that served the taste buds of our forefathers still have their roots in India. Those delicacy sellers still reside and are all there to serve you with the true cultural food of India.

Therefore to acquaint you with the Oldest Confectioners of India we have curated the list of oldest sellers and their mesmerizing delicacies.

1. Ice Halwa, Punjabi Ghasitaram Halwai ( Mumbai )

Punjabi Ghasitaraman Halwai is a sweets seller residing in Mumbai since 1916. It is a popular confectionary of Indian Sweets.
Ice Halwa is one of the best sweet of Punjabi Ghasitaraman Halwai. It is a must savor that will take you back to the old times.


2. Dry Fruit Sund Panjeeri, Pahalwan Di Hatti ( Jammu and Kashmir )

Pahalwan Di Hatti is delivering its relishing Dry Fruit Sund Panjeeri since the year 1934. It is a renowned Halwai and its delicacies are as authentic to taste as they were back in the 20th century.
Dry Fruit Sund Panjeeri Halwa is worth every bite. It is crunchy, sweet, and exquisitely delectable.

3. Kalakand, Baba Thakur Das and Sons ( Alwar )

Baba Thakur Das of Alwar is a popular Traditional Sweet confectioner of India. it was established in the year 1947. Even after 73 years, its flavors and delicacies are mesmerizing and hold the same taste as before.
Kalakand is its most popular sweet that one must taste and cherish the culture of India.

4. Meethi Kesar Finni, Gangaram Amarchand Halwai ( Ajmer )

Consistently serving and satiating the taste buds of Indian is none other than Gangaram Amarchand Halwai. It was founded in the 19th century in the year 1898. Till date it holds its legacy and delivers the best delicacies of India.
Meethi Kesar Finni is one of its mesmerizing variety and a must relish.

5. Lilo Chevdo, Jagdish Farshan ( Beawar )

Started by Shri Raja Ratanlal Keshavlal Kandoi in the year 1938, Jagdish Farshan holds a renowned place as a Sweets and Namkeens seller. It is one of the oldest confectioner and offers enthralling arrays of Sweets and Namkeens.
Lilo Chevdo is the best Namkeen of Jagdish Farshan.

6. Ghewar, LMB – Laxmi Misthan Bhandar ( Jaipur )

With not a single compromise in real and flavorsome taste, LMB-Laxmi Misthan Bhandar is providing luscious Ghewar since 1727. Aren’t you surprised? Maybe the Mughal Dynasty was its fan!
Savor the luscious Ghewar of LMB and make your life full of luscious flavors.

7. Sandesh, Ganguram Sweets ( Kolkata )

Set up in the year 1885 in the city of Kolkata, Ganguram Sweets is popular for its Sandesh. Sandesh is a traditional Bengali Sweet. This sweet delicacy reflects the mouth-watering Bengali Culture. Ganguram Sweets has exclusive varieties of Sandesh that can satiate every taste bud.

Once you relish the Sandesh of Ganguram Sweets, there is no going back from its addiction.


8. Dhodha, Dhoda House ( Ludhiana )

Dhoda is a brown sweet or barfi infilled with dry fruits. Dhoda House of Ludhiana is the oldest confectioner of Dhoda in India. It was set up in the year 1912. It holds a unique recipe of Dhoda that makes this delicacy irresistible.
Dhodha of Dhoda House is the perfect sweet for sweet lovers.


9. Bal Mithai, Omi Sweets ( Mussoorie )

Since the year 1960, Omi Sweets is renowned for its mouth drooling Bal Mithai. It is one of the oldest confectioneries in India.
Bal mithai is a sweet that is made from roasted khoya and coated with white sugar balls. This delicacy of Omi Sweets will undoubtedly fetch you a foodgasm.


10.Amba Bhadang, Amba Bhadang ( Kohlapur )

Amba Bhadang is a spicy Chiwda that is made from puffed rice. It is an exquisite snack and nutritious. It is available in different flavors and varieties.
Amba Bhadang was set up in 1963 in Kohlapur. Since then it has popularized its Amba Bhadang that is savored and loved all over India.

Therefore, if the confectioners of our grandparent’s era still serve that aunthentic delicacy, why not savor them?

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