Gifting gets easier with the evolution of technology

Gifting gets easier with the evolution of technology

Fireworks, celebration, decoration and lights – yes, it’s Diwali. The famous and well-known festival of India  to commemorate the return of “Lord Rama”  to their homeland Ayodhya, after living in exile for fourteen years. Diwali also marks the victory of good over evil, and start of a new business year in Indian traditional Hindu families.

When there are joyous and big times-what we Indians typically are supposed to do?  We greet each other with sweets and good wishes. Exchanging sweets is an integral part of Diwali celebration. We give sweets to our loved ones at the time of Diwali for wishing them a prosperous and happy new year ahead. The sheer joy and warmth of festivity is celebrated by greeting one another and sharing a box of sweets. Exchanging sweets is not only seen as exchange of just a box of gift, it’s a way of sharing, caring, loving and enjoying with your beloved.

The tradition of sharing sweets will always remain on in India. It is a key part of our culture to share and exchange mouth-watering delicacies that your taste buds would feel like in heaven. The purpose of sending gifts in the form of chocolates, cakes, sweets etc. is to demonstrate your care, you think and wish good for your near and dear ones. A gift, which is presented with warm feelings express wordless emotions. In fact, gifts are exchanged to build and strengthen friendship and relationship and to express your emotions and gratitude to those who are close to your heart.

In the past two decades, especially in the wake of the free market reforms, liberalization, globalization and resulting increased competencies have marked a significant change  in the life style of masses. It is often the case that people are now living at far distances across cities and countries. However, thanks to technological development, we are connected to our near and dear ones. We can ring them up to greet and wish happiness, prosperity and love but due to lack of time, sharing gifts is diminishing day by day. Because buying gift , packing them up and then sending via courier is more a hassle  and pain. So, in the current scenario, gifting trends have undergone a sea change. But with the involvement of technology things are getting much easier as there in today’s time there come start-ups that are ready to take all your pains in order to provide you with the best experience. All you have to do is to select the favourite food of your beloved, add to cart, confirm order and surprise the person with the box that he was not thinking of.

A number of options are available these days to gift our friends and family with their not so easily accessible food.  Apart from sweets, people  now increasingly prefer to give chocolates, cakes, dry fruits, cookies, snacks like nankeens, sweet potato chips, almond raisin loafs , brownies , muffins , etc. as gift. You can order them online and choose the type of packing that you like. Moreover, you do not need to worry about the quality and hygiene of these food stuffs as they guarantee good quality and deliver what they promise with no delay. It has been said that action speaks louder than words and there is no better way to let your loved ones know that you care and remember them than through presenting them gift. So don’t leave anybody out because each and every friend do matter.

DilOcious is  a start-up that comes as an online food festival that provide exotic food delivery service and deliver the regional delicacies across the country because they believe flavours have no boundaries and limitations. It presents you your childhood favourite delicacies and not so- easily accessible mouth-watering food of yours directly shipped from their origin place. Like Petha from Agra, partisa from Jalandhar,  Bhakharwadi from Gujrat,  Sondesh from Kolkata, Chocolates from Ooty,  Sev from Indore,  Kalakand from Alwar,  Mukhwas from Jaipur, Brownies from Mumbai, Jouzi Halwa from Hyderabad and many many more. They have sweets, namkeens, cookies and a lot more in their collection.  You always have an option to try us and place an order of sweets, namkeens and chocolates of your choice. Because, we provide you with on time delivery, reasonable price range, freshness and original taste of sweets that will satisfy your insatiable love for sweets and above all a satisfactory smile on your face which will be the most valuable asset for us.

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