The Story Behind The Sweet : Rasgulla (Roshogulla)

The Story Behind The Sweet : Rasgulla (Roshogulla)

Rasgulla can only be described as a unique explosion of flavors that is deeply embedded into the Hindu culture. Its sweetness and crumbling soft texture makes it one of the most delicious and famous sweets in India. Originally from Oriya, Rasgulla is the cheesy syrupy piece of heaven that should never be missing in your life. One taste is more than enough for you to delight. You can order your sweets online including this Indian delicacy. Not only is Rasgulla super yummy, one of the best things about this dessert is that it has a rich history and cultural significance. That is one of the reasons why it is considered one of the best sweets in India. Before you can order sweets online, let’s dive deep into the origins of Rasgulla.

How did Rasgulla Came To Be?

The famous traditional Indian sweet has controverted origins. The Bengalis claim they invented Rasgulla, while on the other hand, people from Oriya believe it to be their own. Despite all the confusion, the syrup coated cheese balls continue to impress everyone who tastes them.


In fact, Rasgulla is considered so delicious that it used to be offered to the goddess Lakshmi in the Puri temple during Rath Yatra. The popular sweet has its roots in another traditional sweet, the khir-mohan. The dessert was distributed among the devotees as prasad. Originally it was up to the priests, and them only, to take charge of the preparation of Rasgulla. 


However, over time, the priests passed their knowledge down to the villagers. They, in turn, started turning all their excess milk into curdled cheese. This way Rasgulla became a widespread treat. As the recipe became more popular, it eventually reached Calcutta. Around 1868, a local baker in that city modified the recipe to make home preparation more accessible to all. This gave rise to the Rasgullas we all love to eat today.

How To Spot A Good Rasgulla

Interesting story of rasgulla

If you are planning on making or buying Rasgulla for the festivities, it is important that you learn to tell a good quality sweets from a sub-par one. You ought to know what the best made Rasgullas look, feel and taste like.


Ideally, you want to make or purchase Rasgulla that’s light-weight, has a spongy texture and is juicy. The perfect amount of moisture is necessary for the Rasgulla balls to avoid getting dry and breakable.  However, under no circumstance should the finished product feel rubbery. The balls should be barely squeezable and yummy sweets!

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