Holi- Festival of Colors
A participant holds a tray of coloured powder as students take part in a cultural procession to celebrate Holi, the spring festival of colours, in Kolkata on March 9, 2020. - Holi is observed in India at the end of the winter season on the last full moon of the lunar month. (Photo by Dibyangshu SARKAR / AFP)

Holi- Festival of Colors

Holi is a mesmerizing festival of colors, the advent of spring, beauty and lots of love. It signifies so many things that it is the most awaited festival of the year.

Holi is celebrated all over India with different traditions followed by each community. But one thing that is common across all regions and communities on Holi is the presence of colors and sweets.

The festival originates from the Aryan civilization, but with time some of its meanings are changed. Nonetheless, the exuberance is yet alive.

The celebration of Holi starts from Holika Dahan signifying the victory of good over evil. The next day everyone is set to meet loved ones and put gulal on each other’s faces.

There are different forms of Holi that are celebrated. Some of them are:


· Royal Holi in Rajasthan

In this type of Holi, Holika Dahan is done one day before the main festivity. The celebration is grand and is organized by the royal Mewar Family of Udaipur.

· Hola Mohalla in Punjab

In Punjab, Holi is known by the name Holla Mohalla. Holla Mohalla is celebrated a day after the scheduled Holi to commemorate the victory of Sikh warriors. The celebration involves displays of traditional martial arts, music and dances.

Hence, the celebration is worth watching! It is filled with lots of zest and enthusiasm.

· Lath Mar Holi in Uttar Pradesh

LathMar is one of the most interesting and well a bit scary Holi. Do you wonder why?
Well, here women are armed with Lathis and they hit the other men and boys playfully enjoying the festivity. Not to be too harsh on men, men to shield themselves with a dhal.
It is celebrated in Uttar Pradesh and is very popular.

· Phoolo ki Holi

Phoolo ki Holi inhibits the use of colors and water. This type of Holi is usually devoted to Lord Krishna. Here everybody plays with flowers to enjoy the festivity.

Every festivity brings with it joy, happiness and meeting the pals. And in the festivities, sweets and delicacies play an important role.

In fact, the presence of ‘Bhang’, ‘Gujia’, ‘Thandai’, etc. makes the sight of this festivity even more elated.

Therefore, to add some more authentic flavors and joy to your Holi, we have enlisted the best and must-have delicacies of India. These delicacies would surely be the icing on the cake for your celebration.

There you go-


1. Gujiya

Gujiya is a traditional sweet of Holi. It is very crispy and flavors drip from it once you bite them. It is infilled with khoya, dry fruits and sugar syrup. Gujiya is usually one of the favorite sweets of sweet-toothed.

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2. Ghewar

Well, Ghewar is another mouth-drooling traditional sweet of India. It is made with Khoya, dry fruits and has a very succulent taste. It is crispy and difficult to stop gulping once you taste it.

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3. Kachori

Never ignore Kachoris because they have feelings in them;)

Kachori is spicy, crispy and very delectable. It is a good snacking when you are with your pals celebrating festivities.

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4. Pani Puri

How can we forget Pani Puri, especially when it’s festive time?
Pani Puri is savored and favorite in every corner of India. It might have variations in tastes and flavors, but it is undoubtedly mouth-drooling for everyone. The crisp of puri with tangy water is worth-relishing.

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5. Gulab Jamun, Rasmalai, Rasgulla

Gulab Jamun, Rasmalai and Rasgulla are extremely luscious sweets. For every occasion and festival, these sweets would never fail to make them even happier. These are made from semolina, dipped in sweet syrup and milk and are enriched with dry fruits.

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6. Thandai

Holi and Thandai are inseparable. Holi marks the advent of summers and hence thandais are the best welcome to it.

Thandai is made from milk or water, can be made into different flavors, is an energy booster, and a perfect mocktail for traditional celebrations.

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7. Mathri

Mathri is another traditional snack product of India. They are crispy and delectable. Consequently, they are perfect accompaniments of tea and thandais.

Mathri has a unique flavor that can exquisitely please every taste bud.

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8. Mukhwas

Mukhwas are after meals that add flavors to your main course. They leave a mesmerizing taste after a meal and also enlighten up the mood.

Mukhwas come in a lot of varieties and are mouth-watering. Therefore, on a grand occasion such as Holi, Mukhwas should definitely be a part of the feast.

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Holi is just around the corner. Do not forget to have these luscious sweets and namkeens at this festival.
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