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Food is the ingredient that binds us together

We, at Dil-O-Cious, are on a simple mission – connect the hearts of millions by delivering “Flavours beyond boundaries”. India is globally famous for its sweets and delicacies. Every state, city, town and village has a story accompanied with its specialty. We are that one stop platform to discover those specialties.

We are the “sweets” to your Festival, the “spices” to your food, the “biscuit” to your chai, the “pickle” to your meal, the “namkeen” to your cravings and much more!

Delivering Authentic flavours of India at your doorstep!

Sweeten Your Diwali Spirit

No festival takes place without indulging in some delicious sweets. Especially, when it comes to Diwali! During the Diwali festivities, traditional sweets are traded around with friends and family and enjoyed by all. So, as the Diwali festival approaches, make sure you have all the famous Indian sweets. 

5 Must Try Traditional Indian Sweets

India is a land of enchanting flavours that vary vastly as you move from one corner of the country to another. Every state and community has its own traditional dishes, with an acute focus on sweets. Many of them have been around for centuries, but today you can also find them with modern twists. Continuing on the topic, in this blog post, we present five must-try traditional Indian sweets. Have a look.

5 Mouth-Watering Baked Treats

Eating healthy is obviously important. But every once in a while, we all need to indulge a little. In fact, giving in to cravings from time to time is the healthiest thing you can do for your mental health. Of course, cheat meals are gifts that are not be enjoyed on a daily basis.

Iconic indian delicacies at your door step

Dilocious brings the most cherished regional food and delicacies right within your reach. So whenever the cravings kick in, we are just one click away.